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How to Translate a Page From Spanish to English

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The best way to translate a page accurately from Spanish to English is to hire Spanish to English translators with a thorough knowledge of both languages. Freelance translators offer competitive rates, speedy turnaround times, and precise translation, giving you the assurance your finished translation will be ready to use.

Is Google Translate for Spanish to English accurate enough to use as an alternative? Automated translations are exposed to errors and mistranslations, usually because the AI replicates words like-for-like without being able to identify where this changes the context or meaning of the text. 

Therefore, Google Translate is only recommended for informal use rather than a professional translation for official or formal applications.

Why Shouldn’t I Use Google Translate Instead of a Professional Translator?

Most studies show that Google Translate has an accuracy level of about 90% – a great solution if you are traveling or trying to read a document in Spanish and need a rough idea of the translation into English.

However, experienced freelance translators provide a more reliable service based on expression and tone, ensuring your completed translation is word-perfect and doesn’t contain any grammatical, spelling, or contextual errors.

Guru has a wide range of talented Spanish to English translators with rates starting from as low as $5 per hour, so hiring a capable translator who can assure you of excellent quality is affordable and far more reliable. You’ll also find that Google will translate a limited volume of content–so, if you have a whole page to translate, it may be just as quick to use a multilingual translator who can complete the project in one go.

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Spanish to English Translator

Translators will normally be able to translate one page from Spanish to English within an hour or two, although that may vary depending on:

  • The complexity of the content to be translated
  • The size of the font and word count on the page
  • The type of content–legal, medical, and financial content typically takes longer to translate

If you need a translator with sector-specific experience or knowledge within a technical translation field, we’d suggest including this within your Guru job post to ensure you attract proposals from suitably qualified candidates.

Flexibility and breadth of choice are key advantages of working with freelancers–you can select any professional translator you wish, whether for a one-off document translation or to have on hand to assist with new Spanish to English translations as the need arises. Freelancers can also provide a price proposal to cater to your requirements, depending on whether you’d like to pay per word, document, hour, or project. 

Simply set out your criteria and specifications in your job post and wait for your pricing proposals to arrive. You can compare quotations, freelancer profiles, and prior customer ratings to decide which freelancer feels like the right professional for you.

What Types of Content Pages Can a Spanish to English Translator Complete?

There are more than 10,000 Spanish translators available to hire on the Guru platform, with a wide array of specialties and focuses. You can use our skills search field to find exact abilities, which cover:

  • Content translation, proofreading, and editing
  • Website page translations
  • Document and contract translations
  • Translations of subtitles
  • Content localization from Spanish to English

Top-rated Spanish to English translators also provide commercial services, such as business support, which is ideal for companies importing products, transitioning to target a wider audience, or adapting Spanish-language products for the US market.

What to Look for in a Spanish to English Translator

The best strategy when choosing a freelancer or when comparing project price proposals is to consider your objectives and those aspects of your page translation that matter most.

For example, are you determined to complete the translation as quickly as possible? Do you need a cost-effective service to avoid going over budget, or would you prefer to pay more or wait longer to have a precise translation verified by an experienced, qualified translator?

If in doubt, you can check the profile of each translator who has submitted a quotation to review their experience, the fields they have worked in, the reviews left by previous clients, and how well they completed each project.

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