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Why Hire a Spanish to English Translator?

If your business is looking to boom on a global level, or you’re looking to expand to Spanish and English-speaking audiences, you need an expert translator on your team. Spanish is the second most widely spoken language globally in terms of native speakers, with a total of 496 million native speakers and 595 million total speakers. Additionally, Spanish is the third most used language on the internet.

While you could take the time to learn the most spoken Romance language in the world, hiring a translator saves you time and money while opening the door for opportunities. Whether you’re looking to connect business-to-business with Spanish-speaking colleagues or clients, or looking to expand your market reach to a new pool of consumers, a Spanish to English translator can help you reach new heights.

When you hire Spanish to English translators, you can guarantee that your translations will be thoughtful and accurate. Correspondence with Spanish-speaking businesses becomes streamlined, your marketing materials can generate more engagement and clicks, and you can build strong, global relationships professionally.

Hiring a Freelance Spanish Translator

If you hire a professional translation agency, you may have a wealth of translation services at your disposal. However, these contracts can be expensive and don’t always guarantee you will have Spanish to English translators when you need them. Additionally, onboarding full-time staff dedicated to translation tasks can be expensive and time-consuming.

By hiring a freelance Spanish translator, you have access to expert interpreters who can support with live language translations or translate your writing from Spanish to English and vice versa. Freelancers can often be more cost-effective, and when sourced from around the globe, can work the hours you need if you’re in a pinch or need last-minute Spanish to English translation services.

Translation Devices Versus Native Spanish and English Speakers

Digital translator devices are notoriously inaccurate or miss critical nuance for many languages; Spanish to English translation devices are no exception. While it’s tempting to save a buck and cut corners, AI-powered Spanish to English translation devices don’t always translate the way you want them to. In fact, a digital language device can come across as extremely unprofessional.

With professional, experienced Spanish translators, your Spanish to English translations will come across as organic and professional. A Spanish translator can also serve as an interpreter for important calls and meetings, so your clients and colleagues feel included and respected. 

Additionally, these real-life translation language experts can integrate cultural contexts and customs that digital devices can’t. Not every Spanish speaker comes from the same cultural background or adheres to the same dialects. When you hire a freelancer to translate Spanish and English, they know how to integrate these nuances into their translation.

Writing That Works

It doesn’t matter if it’s a post for social media or a proposal to a new client–your projects require a professional translation that only translators can provide. When you hire a Spanish translator or English translator, you have a teammate who understands your audience. Freelancers who act as translators and interpreters know the ins and outs of different Spanish-speaking cultures and know how to write in a way that resonates.

Your projects require someone who thoroughly understands English and can craft written materials that get your message across. When you hire freelancers who specialize in the English and Spanish language, your written materials can truly reach your desired audience.

Projects and Tasks English and Spanish Translators Can Accomplish

When you hire a freelance Spanish and English translator, you aren’t restricted to just the services of a typical interpreter. A translator can flex their language skills in many ways, including:

  • Medical writing in both Spanish and English

  • Translate Spanish and English creative materials (such as books, articles, songs, etc.)

  • Translate conversations and meetings in real-time

  • Translate Spanish and English professional documents (such as announcements, resumes, portfolios, etc.)

  • Translation of legal materials

If language is a barrier to take your projects or career to the next level, a translation specialist can break down that wall and make your work accessible to a broader audience.

Hiring Spanish and English Translators on Guru

Finding the right translator for your projects is no simple feat, but searching for a freelance translator who is fluent in both English and Spanish is easy with Guru. With a few clicks, you’re instantly connected to hundreds of English and Spanish speakers who are ready for hire.

To connect with a translator, use our search tool to filter for specific tasks, credentials, rates, and more! Just like that, you have a collection of translator professionals who match your criteria. Browse each translator’s portfolio and connect with them for a quote before you hire so you know you’ve found the right fit for your projects.

What to Look For When Hiring Spanish and English Translators

First, consider your budget. Finding credentialed Spanish and English speakers can be costly, but with Guru, you are connected with professionals from across the globe so you can find expertise within your budget.

Next, think about your translation project. What do you need a translator for? Will they translate virtual meetings in real time, or will they translate written documents and materials? Outline the duties of this role so you have an understanding of what a freelancer may charge for these tasks. The majority of translators on Guru will have a rate card for you to reference.

Lastly, connect with your desired translator. Guru makes it easy to message and connect with freelancers. When interviewing, let them know what you would like them to translate and ask about credentials. 

Anyone can say they’re ‘basically fluent’ in a language, but there are certifications to verify their language ability. A common measurement of proficiency is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A translator with high proficiency should score at a C1 or C2 level for this framework. We recommend hiring translators with C1 or C2 level of proficiency for professional projects; English and Spanish proficiency can be scored with this system.

Other factors to consider before you hire are the translator’s availability, their communication style with you regarding projects, and their attitude. These small factors can go a long way in the success of your project!

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