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How to Translate Arabic to English in Word

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Hiring a skilled Arabic translator with professional expertise and bilingual skills is an excellent option if you need to convert a piece of content into English or from English into Arabic.

Can Arabic be translated into English through Word? Sort of–you can use the ‘Translate’ tool, but the results are far from top-quality. The issue is that an automatic translation is rarely accurate and is obviously amateur, which can be detrimental to business reputation and make customer demographics feel undervalued.

Whether you need to translate company content, advertising text, leaflets, or user instructions, the best method is to hire one of the thousands of capable translators available now through Guru.

Why Hire a Professional Arabic Translator?

Highly rated Arabic translators are bilingual, which means they have a comprehensive understanding of the language, including context, dialect, inferences, and the natural flow of Arabic, which often looks very different from a copy-and-paste translation. Translation accuracy is vital because a rough approximation might mean something entirely different and be misleading or simply incorrect.

Poor transactions represent a lack of care or attention. They can create issues for service users who do not understand the content provided or find a promotion or literary piece of work illegible.

Having a word-perfect Arabic translation is also essential if the content relates to the following:

  • Legal wording or terms and conditions
  • Medical information or advice
  • Business specifications or product details
  • Financial information or reporting
  • Contracts, such as employment contracts
  • Academic qualifications or certifications
  • Signage, route markings, and directions

A slight misinterpretation of a word, phrase, or grammatical expression we use daily in the U.S. could render a document invalid or void, giving rise to potential liabilities. Conversely, a professional, detailed, and clear translation provides excellent support for non-English speakers and makes content accessible in the language they feel most comfortable using.

What Can a Freelance Arabic Translator Help With?

Freelance translators often have a specific niche or area they work in, although some Guru translators will offer to translate a broader range of materials. For example, you might hire a freelance Arabic translation specialist who has worked in education, the medical sector, the legal field, or within a social support role and can swiftly translate even very technical texts into perfect Arabic.

There are thousands of qualified, experienced translators available to hire for short or long-term projects, from a quick translation of a social media promotional text to a larger scope task such as translating a book, technical explainer guide, or legal document. The best option is to either post a project and invite quotations from suitably skilled translators or short-list your preferred freelancers and verify they have the expertise to translate the text or content you need.

We would suggest you create as detailed a job specification as possible and itemize your expectations to help you pick a great candidate, considering:

  • Certifications or qualifications in translation or Arabic for professional use
  • Portfolio pieces and evidence of past successful projects
  • High levels of accuracy and timeliness per past client reviews
  • Experience in the type of content or text you wish to translate.

Many translators will offer their services from U.S. English to Arabic, or vice versa–they must have a defined vocabulary and understanding of grammar and spelling in both languages to provide this option.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Translator

Unless you have a regular flow of text or content requiring highly specific translation, a freelancer is considerably more cost-effective than a full-time hire. Freelancers work flexibly and cater to your requirements, deadlines, budget, and specifications, so you might create a project that needs:

  • A specific number of pages or words translated into Arabic within a defined time frame
  • Short translation services on a regular ongoing basis
  • Translations only of certain paragraphs or pieces of text
  • An Arabic translation that replicates the layout and formatting of your original content

At Guru, our network of professional freelancers is vast. You can review each translator’s profile, reviews, and past work history to make an informed choice about which individual is the best fit for your project. All-Time Transaction Data is a free resource that shows you scoring relating to performance and credibility, with past work detailed within a portfolio so you can see each freelancer’s skills, experience, and knowledge before you decide who to hire!

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