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What Is an E-Commerce Specialist?

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Stores blast emails out on a daily basis with the latest sale or promo code, the newest tech models, and the latest fashion statement pieces. Online shopping has become a prevalent part of our society–made even more prominent by the boom in e-commerce throughout the pandemic era.

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, is the exchange of goods, products, and services for money through the internet. As technology continues to advance, society depends on technology more and more. Many businesses have had to adapt and create e-commerce websites to remain relevant, and many more are faced with the task of growing rapidly with society. 

There are three main types of e-commerce—business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer (think Facebook Marketplace or eBay). With so much of society depending on technology, e-commerce is more important than ever before, and hiring an e-commerce specialist to help your brand navigate this world is one of the most beneficial things a business owner can do. 

An e-commerce specialist is an individual that helps companies and business owners improve their online sales–they are able to help you create e-commerce websites that reach more potential customers and ultimately bring in more revenue. Maybe your goal is to grow with society, maybe you wish to reach consumers around the world that might not have the opportunity to visit one of your storefronts, or maybe you want to transfer your business to an online platform and shut down your storefronts altogether. An e-commerce specialist can help you with each of these goals.

By working alongside a marketing and sales team, an e-commerce specialist is able to create and implement strategies aimed at reaching more consumers in more markets to generate more sales. In addition to strategizing, e-commerce specialists are also able to provide feedback and make improvements to your website.

The Details

Aside from helping create campaigns aimed at organic revenue growth and increasing sales, e-commerce specialists are responsible for all aspects of your online store. They are adept at tracking analytics, diving deeper into metrics, and shifting your strategy accordingly. 

For example, if your demographics show that 75% of your clientele consists of people in their twenties, but your website is outdated, your e-commerce specialist might suggest implementing different features or layouts more in line with your clientele. They can take your metrics, analyze your clientele’s demographics, see where problems lie, and zero in on areas that can be improved–all of these factors go into how much it costs to build an e-commerce website.

E-commerce specialists can also be responsible for researching the latest trends. Being current with trends and marketing strategies allows your company to grow with society in ways that help you remain relevant. In today’s world, because everything changes so fast, it can be a full-time job to be aware of shifting trends–this is where a specialist comes in handy.


E-commerce specialists are efficient when it comes to communication, technical skills, teamwork, and thinking outside the box. They use critical thinking to analyze and strategize and bring your business up to date and help it grow.

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