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How to Use Snapchat as a Marketing Tool

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Since Snapchat launched in 2011, it has become one of the most popular global social media platforms. Millions of businesses hire Snapchat marketers to take advantage of the advertising potential.

How much does it cost to promote your company on Snapchat? The minimum daily spend is just $5, so although you’ll need to factor in the cost of creating engaging ad content, you only pay for the impressions made.

The business space is continually finding new ways to combine entertainment with advertising and tap into the huge opportunity social media presents, with Snapchat as a targeted channel due to the 332 million daily users on the app.

If you’re unsure how to get ads on Snapchat and want to explore the promotional options available, hundreds of highly skilled marketers are available to hire now through Guru!

Benefits of Snapchat for Marketing

Snapchat is a fun, informal social network. It is an excellent way for brands to promote their values, connect with targeted audiences, and create a favorable business reputation–without a hard sale in sight. Let’s look at some of the reasons you may wish to incorporate Snapchat into your marketing strategy.

  • Younger demographics: Snapchat is predominantly used by people under thirty-five, with 23% of all American adults on the platform (outperforming Twitter and TikTok).
  • Extended exposure: Brands that market their services on Snapchat can get greater exposure, with the average user spending thirty minutes on the app each day.
  • Interaction: Companies leverage Snapchat ads to communicate with potential customers, using the Discover page to showcase their content, features, and promotions.

The contrast from conventional marketing is that Snapchat ads can be playful and highlight the personality and ethos behind a company rather than requiring slick, professional advertising content. Some of the best Snapchat ads aren’t close to picture-perfect and can be a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what you do or a creative way to introduce your business to a new audience.

How to Use Snapchat for Business

The first task is to set up a Snapchat Business account, whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise. The commercial advertising tools and features are only available to business users, so you get access to all the available resources.

Once you’ve created a business profile, you can also build a Public Profile, a permanent profile page on the app as an anchor where users can always find you–whether or not you have a live campaign running.

Among the many options, you can:

  • Create or launch new Snapchat ads through the Ads Manager
  • Select targeting parameters by age or location
  • Review how each promotion or campaign has performed
  • Track ad spending per promotion, week, or month

If you don’t yet use Snapchat, you need to download the app from either the iOS App Store or Google Play and create a new account using your business name and contact details. You’ll need to select your country and the relevant currency for future advertising spending, but it’s a very quick and easy process with step-by-step instructions. 

Simple Marketing Tactics for Snapchat Business Users

While we’d recommend hiring a professional Snapchat marketer to design and target a larger marketing exercise or promotion, there are a few things you can do straight away to help grow your following on the platform.

The initial step is to let your existing customers and social media followers know you’re on Snapchat! As you grow your channel, you can expand your followers and the number of engagements and click-throughs you generate. Still, getting started by sharing your new Snapchat user name via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms is a great idea.

Businesses often add the Snap logo to their website, contact details pages, and emails to attract more followers; you can also share a unique link called a Snapcode. Snapcode badges are instantly recognizable and work like QR codes so that you can add the code to any marketing materials. Some brands use this gimmick to great effect because the code works on physical goods as well as digitally.

For example, you can place a Snapcode badge on product labels or tags or even on business cards and give contacts an easy way to connect with you and view your content. 

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