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The Benefits of Facebook for Small Business

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If you’re stalling over whether it’s worth setting up a small business Facebook page, the answer is that you should definitely do it!

There are many benefits above and beyond having a social media presence to help prospective customers find your company.

Advertising on Facebook for small business pages is one of the most cost-effective ways to create bespoke ads targeted at your specific customer base. 

You can hire a Facebook marketing expert relatively inexpensively to add a serious boost to your visibility.

Let’s run through some of the benefits of Facebook for small business users and why you need to create a page today if you don’t yet have one.

Multiplying Your Customer Reach Through Facebook

To date, there are nearly three billion people on Facebook around the world, with two billion daily active users.

Those numbers are impressive, especially considering that any other advertising medium offers a tiny fraction of this potential audience.

While demographics continually change, the metrics show continued growth, with around an eight percent climb every year in the volume of visitors.

Creating a Facebook page amplifies your digital presence, builds social proof, and means that whenever a new customer searches for your brand, they’ll find authenticity in a well-maintained business profile.

Unsure whether Facebook is an excellent place to spend your ad budget? 

The system is proven effective, with eighty-nine percent of marketers reporting that campaigns produce quality leads and respectable returns on investment.

Creating Low-Cost Advertising Campaigns

Setting up a Facebook business page costs nothing – not a cent. You might, though, choose to budget for related costs, such as:

  • Designing custom graphics for your profile or cover photo.
  • Building an original content library of videos and imagery.
  • Hiring a social media manager to control your page activity and responses.

Once you’ve started establishing your business on Facebook, there is a suite of advertising opportunities, from launching campaigns, posting sponsored stories, and boosting your best posts for ramping up more page likes.

The price of Facebook advertising is highly competitive and far more precise than other options, as you can filter targeting by:

  • Customer age, location, and occupation.
  • Filtering who sees your ads by their interests and online behavior.
  • Displaying campaigns by the type of device used.

This detailed targeting is the secret to why Facebook ads are so successful since you can hone your campaigns to engage with the exact customer you’re trying to reach.

Using a Facebook Business Page to Build Brand Loyalty

Facebook content should always be on-brand and add value to your customer – whether sharing helpful tips or entertaining your visitors.

Quality content is fundamental, and if people like what they see and enjoy the media you put out there, they’ll soon become loyal customers.

This prospect puts small businesses on an even playing field since you don’t need to invest millions to create punchy campaigns, engaging ads, or exciting visuals.

Social media is one of the most influential sources that drives consumer purchases, so the more active and responsive your page, the more likely you will see enhanced revenues.

User-generated content is a happy by-product whereby your visitors become your advocates. They share their posts to link with a competition or event, boosting your page visibility to another stream of possible customers.

How a Facebook Small Business Page Increases Web Traffic

Your Facebook page isn’t a standalone touchpoint and will improve your digital presence across the board.

Converting leads from socials to website visitors through linked posts is a great way to enhance your sales.

Facebook loves a link post and displays a full-size image if you have a linked graphic from your website, resulting in some of the highest click rates of any social media content.

Facebook is also an essential component of an SEO strategy because:

  • Google scrapes About sections on business pages, so the information here is searchable.
  • Adding a Facebook page means there are additional ways for visitors to find your company information.
  • Optimized social business pages give you a fresh opportunity to establish your brand voice. 

It’s also easier to connect with an audience on a mobile device (around 98.5% of Facebook visitors).

Facebook automatically optimizes your small business page for desktop and mobile, so when users visit your page on their device, they can quickly see your available hours, reviews, address, and contact information.

Competitor Analysis Through Facebook for Business

Finally, if you have yet to believe that a Facebook page is a crucial tool for all small businesses, let’s talk about the competition.

Of course, Facebook business pages won’t display confidential information or tell you precisely what your rivals are planning to do next.

However, they will show you:

  • Suggested competitors based on your sector or location.
  • Performance benchmarks calculated against Watched Pages.
  • Insights into how your posts and ads are doing against the rest.

Pages to Watch is an excellent resource and recommends businesses you can visit on Facebook to see what they’re doing to achieve massive engagement or sales metrics.

Aside from paid advertising, it’s worth reiterating that all of these tools and opportunities are free of charge, so if you haven’t got a Facebook small business page up and running, there is no time like the present.

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