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What Is WorldEdit Minecraft?

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Developing professional Minecraft modifications requires advanced building tools and expertise. One of these tools is WorldEdit Minecraft, which has proven to be an effective tool for both small and large Minecraft development projects.

Even as you learn how to code Minecraft, you need to understand what WorldEdit Minecraft is and how it works. In this article, we will explain everything about WorldEdit Minecraft.

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game created by Mojang and developed by renowned Swedish developer Markus Persson. Minecraft is also known as “Notch” and uses Java programming language. This sandbox video game was officially launched in 2011 after numerous trials.  

It is one of the most popular video games in the world today, with over 140 million active users globally. Since its official launch, more than 230 million copies of the game have been sold globally, making it the best-selling sandbox video game ever.

Minecraft involves collecting building blocks and creating different things, like houses and cities, in 3D. Players get an opportunity to explore the virtually infinite terrain, discovering and extracting raw building materials, tools, and other items to construct structures, earthworks, and machines. Unlike other video games, Minecraft doesn’t give players instructions. It leaves it open to players to figure out how to get things done, stimulating their imagination and creativity.

This is why it has become popular among educators who use it to teach their students many things, including science and craft. Apart from entertaining players, this game also improves creativity. It also allows players to customize their games by installing modifications (mods), texture packs, custom maps, and more.

When you are developing your Minecraft mod or any other customization item, ensure it’s compatible with the latest version of Minecraft and friendly to the player–this is why you need to hire experienced Minecraft developers and use highly advanced building tools. Fortunately, you can get qualified freelance Minecraft developers on reputable freelance sites like Guru. Your developers should be familiar with different Minecraft programming languages and tools like WorldEdit and Java.

What Is WorldEdit Minecraft?

As mentioned above, WorldEdit Minecraft is a tool designed for building Minecraft. EngineHub developed it, a Swedish software development company and was officially launched in September 2010 as a plugin for Minecraft’s hMod modification. This editing tool also works as a Bukkit plugin and a mod for Fabric and Forge mod loaders.

Since its official launch, more than twenty-six million copies of WorldEdit have been downloaded from CurseForge, making it the best-selling Bukkit plugin ever; it’s also one of the first-ever server-side plugins to be developed. Although the WorldEdit Minecraft project was started by sk89q, Me4502 has since adopted it. Minecraft features this program on its website as one of its standard building tools, encouraging Minecraft developers to use it in their tasks.

Therefore, when you hire Minecraft developers for your project, make sure they are familiar with WorldEdit. Before you hire them, ask them to explain in simple terms what the program does and how it works. A professional Minecraft developer should have experience in using WorldEdit and other building tools.

The primary role of WorldEdit Minecraft is to enable players to build structures and create customized terrains–this is a fundamental gameplay instrument of Minecraft. With this program, you can build virtually anything you want using the available tools, including block replacers, brushes, and much more.

Since 2019, Minecraft builders and players have been using WorldEdit externally to Minecraft as a standalone program. Consequently, several non-Minecraft projects have been reproduced, including WoldEdit Golf, which challenges players to perform important and difficult tasks with minimal commands.

How to Use WorldEdit Minecraft

With WorldEdit Minecraft, you can perform many tasks, including setting up blocks, adding and removing structures, rotating structures, changing surfaces to different textures, and more. To use WorldEdit Minecraft, start by downloading it from the CurseForge site and install a Forge app to help you install the Forge API and run the individual Java Edition you want to modify.

WorldEdit Minecraft uses the Wooden Axe tool to select the areas and surfaces you want to edit. It also allows you to select two blocks diagonally opposite to create a 2D square selection using the wooden pickaxe. This tool also allows you to select positions by right and left-clicking on the selected blocks and determines where the edited area starts and ends.

Your Minecraft builders also need to be aware of the various commands used when editing with WorldEdit. They should also understand that normal commands must have a slash symbol–the most common commands include copying, pasting, setting, rotating, flipping, undoing, and replacing. The copying, pasting, and rotating commands allow builders to construct walls quickly. To sum up, WorldEdit Minecraft is a great tool to have.

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