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What Websites Use Three.js?

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Many different types of websites use Three.js. It’s particularly popular in data, gaming, and art sites, but it’s suitable for the platforms of any business that can benefit from the integration of 3D graphics and interactive experiences on their websites. 

While Three.js is a simple and intuitive platform, using it might not be as easy for the regular joe. So employing Three.js developers for hire, who you can find on an online freelance marketplace like Guru, is the best way to leverage all the powerful tools of the library.

What Is Three.js?

But first, what is Three.js, anyway? Three.js is an open-source JavaScript library that enables users to design and create three-dimensional graphics and animations on a web browser. It can run GPU-powered objects, apps, and games straight from a browser, making it one of the world’s most popular frameworks for displaying 3D and interactive content online.

What Is Three.js Used For?

While Three.js is usually used to build and show 3D graphics, it’s also capable of performing a variety of related functions, including creating interactive visuals, games, and augmented reality experiences. Here are some of the common use cases of Three.js:

Web Games

Three.js can produce 3D web-based games, which allows for convenient immersive gaming experiences online. This means that Three.js can create websites that have games people can simply access on their computer’s browser.

Data Visualization

Three.js is also popular amongst data, education, and information sites (such as news platforms) because of its data visualization tools. You can use the platform to create interactive visualizations of info in 3D graphs, charts, etc.

3D Modeling

Architects and engineers use Three.js to create 3D models of structures and objects, such as buildings. This allows them to visualize and manipulate their designs in real-time, which makes the process more efficient. Great outputs can then be displayed on their website to best show off their services.

Product Showcases

For some businesses, showcasing their products in 3D is the best way to focus on their unique selling proposition (USP). This is possible with Three.js, as it allows users to build interactive product showcases, which lets their market view what they offer more closely.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Three.js is suitable for creating VAR experiences, such as virtual tours, allowing users to interact with scenes and objects on their browsers. You can even use other apps to create your media, then import them to the library for convenience; you just need to know how the Blender animation to Three.js process to do it seamlessly.

What Websites Use Three.js?

Three.js can technically be used for any type of website, but it’s especially beneficial among platforms that require 3D graphics and animations and interactive visualizations or experiences. Here are some examples of the types of websites that use Three.js:

Gaming Websites

Three.js is commonly used by gaming websites that want to offer in-browser experiences for their users. These can range from simple puzzle or strategy games to more complex adventure or multiplayer games.

E-Commerce Websites

Businesses can use Three.js to showcase their products in 3D, allowing customers to view and manipulate them in real-time. This is helpful if you’re selling products that are customizable or feature USPs that 2D models can’t focus on.

Architecture and Engineering Websites

Architects and engineers can use Three.js to showcase 3D models of their designs and build on an online portfolio. This allows them not only to showcase their work but to let clients view their projects better.

Education, News, and Media Websites

Three.js can be used to make interactive visualizations of information, stories, and educational resources. This enables readers to explore data and consume content in a more engaging manner.

Marketing Websites

Marketing companies can use Three.js for creative, engaging, and interactive marketing materials. You can use them for product demos, virtual tours, or service showcases.

Design Websites

Three.js is particularly famous among art and design websites that use the library to create immersive experiences. Some individuals even use Three.js to build and display their portfolios more impressively.

Should I Use Three.js for My Website?

Any website that can benefit from high-quality interactive 3D graphics, visuals, and animations should use Three.js. It lets you build jaw-dropping sites through an easy-to-use, cross-browser compatible, and efficient interface, backed with lots of community support. 

To get the most out of the open-source JavaScript library, it’s best to hire a professional Three.js developer from Guru—someone who has the necessary expertise and experience to navigate the platform and help you build the best website for your business. Hire a freelance Three.js developer from Guru today!

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