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Blue Prism Developer Software Requirements

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Companies planning to hire a Blue Prism developer can use the extensive resources available through Guru to explore the software requirements associated with their intended project.

Professional RPA developers can advise businesses on the most suitable applications, integration timescales, and any caveats linked with their existing systems, networks, workstations, hardware, or software to plan carefully for robotic process automation (RPA) integration with expert knowledge and guidance.

Business Uses for Blue Prism

Blue Prism is one of the leading software solutions with RPA capabilities that provides businesses access to an automation platform, leveraging the functionality of robotics.

What is Blue Prism used for? RPA is an emerging trend in all business sectors. It offers cost-efficiency and competitive advantage by stripping back the cost and time linked with ongoing, repetitive, and data-based processes.

Manufacturing companies can use Blue Prism to take over everyday jobs such as processing new orders, managing inventory levels, overseeing quality control requirements, and scheduling production in the most efficient order. Retailers can implement RPA to deal with customer support functions, inquiry logging, invoicing, and statement production, handling new incoming orders, and producing automatic alerts when inventory levels require attention.

Within these use cases, what is the advantage of Blue Prism for smaller organizations? The primary benefit is that businesses can ‘subcontract’ all those ongoing routine tasks, based on preset rules, to RPA, which can be invaluable to companies that manage large data volumes or heavy transactional workloads.

Can Blue Prism Replace Human Functions?

Like many processes or tools based around robotics and AI, businesses often wish to consider whether implementing RPA would be detrimental to their workforce – and the outcome is normally improved productivity, reduced expenditure, and greater staff satisfaction.

While Blue Prism can take on varied tasks from data entry to producing reports, it requires a developer to train and instruct the automation to perform the necessary functions. Further, businesses can deploy talented colleagues to focus on more complex trading areas without allocating countless hours to admin, data management, and reporting, all of which can be successfully delegated to RPA.

The bots within Blue Prism software are designed to be unintrusive, which means a developer can integrate RPA on a workstation, or within a system, without being noticeable or infringing on other functions.

Real-World Blue Prism Applications

Complex technologies and advancements are often best explained through case studies, and below we have collated some examples of how competitive sectors are using RPA to improve service delivery, reduce costs, and expedite productivity:

  • HR functions use Blue Prism to automate tasks such as onboarding new staff members, managing employee data, processing payroll records, and approving leave requests. 
  • In healthcare, RPA can automate schedules and calendars, billing tasks, and claims processing, ensuring that medical professionals can maximize their time with patients and colleagues.
  • Financial sector businesses access Blue Prism and other RPA tools to verify credentials, improve security, and raise flags when access requests or log-in attempts do not pass the preset security requirements.

There are many other ways to apply RPA to organizational tasks, with functions in data management and processing, reporting, invoice creation, calendar management, and information cross-checks between data sources.

What Does a Blue Prism Developer Do?

Guru provides a comprehensive network of developers and RPA specialists with various skills, sector expertise, and services. The right developer for you may depend on the nature of the task and which functions you would like RPA to handle within your organization.

RPA is often cited as the future of automation. Hiring a capable freelancer can be an excellent opportunity to get out in front of industry trends, reduce operating costs and enhance productivity to boost your competitive advantage.

Your job specification and the scope of the project you choose to post are entirely up to you but may include the following:

  • Creating bots through the Blue Prism platform to accomplish the tasks or roles you wish them to undertake, developing processing through coding and rule-based implementation
  • Introducing RPA to existing workstations, software, or networks as required without causing disruption or downtime
  • Establishing task roles, rules, and fail-safes to ensure automation is successful, accurate, and reliable and does not require human intervention

If you do not have a clear specification, the easiest solution may be to hand-select a Blue Prism Guru developer who is the right fit for your expectations, budget, and requirements and request a proposal for the project you have in mind.

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