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What Is the Advantage of Blue Prism?

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Blue Prism is one of the next-gen tools businesses use to introduce automation to their processes, accessing efficiencies through task automation to free up time and speed up workflows.

Hiring a freelance Blue Prism developer is an optimal way to implement this automated tech into your business, with skilled professionals who can consult, recommend the right integrations, and model the potential uses within your systems.

Guru’s global network of capable, certified developers includes hundreds of Blue Prism specialists, providing outstanding value for money to help smaller businesses leverage the competitive advantage of automation without the large price tag.

How Can Blue Prism Support Business Profitability?

Blue Prism is a software provider offering RPA products, an abbreviation for robotic process automation. The Blue Prism developer software requirements for your existing networks will depend on where and how you’d like to improve productivity with this technological automation.

Companies can automate end-to-end tasks, activities, or jobs, reducing staff time allocations and spending on administration. Additionally, the Virtual Workplace Platform is currently available, with a further enterprise-level automation platform in development. The software integrates with most legacy solutions and IT networks via a virtual implementation, which matches conventional business processing rules and system communications.

RPA can take over most manual tasks, provided you hire a developer with the right expertise and skills to train the robotics and install the automation within your software, desktop, web applications, or other interfaces. The advancements in RPA mean that Blue Prism is agile, functions virtually, and can be customized as much as necessary to expedite tasks and perform jobs that would otherwise take up large chunks of the day for your workforce.

What Are the Benefits of Blue Prism for RPA?

One of the differentials between Blue Prism and other RPA frameworks is that you generally don’t need in-depth coding skills or technical development knowledge to deploy the platform. However, most businesses opt to hire a capable freelancer to manage the more complex aspects of automation instruction and implementation to avoid errors, increased workload, or lags in deployment.

Other benefits of choosing Blue Prism for RPA functionalities include the following:

  • Speedy integrations, with most businesses achieving full automation within four to six weeks, depending on the intricacies of the tasks
  • Interactive and productive bots are managed through front and back-office agents tailored to the business objectives
  • Advanced encryption, with algorithms that ensure automation is accessed securely while facilitating high-level data storage and connectivity safeguards
  • The option of using process automation for double-byte characters, such as those required for certain alphabets and languages

If you are exploring RPA functionality and would like to decide whether Blue Prism is the best-suited option for your business, Guru recommends hiring a highly-rated developer who can provide further advice specific to your objectives and trading sector.

How Quickly Can I Hire a Blue Prism Developer?

Guru specializes in freelancer recruitment and offers businesses the opportunity to hire professionals on a variable basis, either for a project or on a recurring basis for RPA consultancies, integration tasks, or a set number of hours, days, or weeks.

There are two core ways to hire a Blue Prism freelancer:

  • Posting a job with your requirements, budget, specification, and an overview of the tasks involved allows appropriate freelancers to respond with a proposal or begin a dialogue to discuss the scope of the work.
  • Our freelance Blue Prism developer profiles mean you can browse skilled professionals and select those who seem a good match for your requirements–you can initiate a workflow to enquire about availability or request a quotation.

We provide secure payment processing, communications, and project management tools to help you stay on top of your automation project and release payment when you are satisfied that your needs have been met. Blue Prism developers can charge variable rates depending on their location, demand, skill level, experience, specific sector knowledge, and availability so companies can choose the most important criteria for their projects and expectations.

The outcomes mean that you, and your staff, can focus on more complex tasks and functions within your organization, relying on automation to take care of underlying processes related to data management and record-keeping.

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