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Why YouTube Is Important

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No matter the size of your business, the internet is where you’ll find the best leads and new partnerships. Even if you are running a brick-and-mortar store, you have to present your business online. If you are not on social media, there is a pretty good chance you’re missing out on some of the best ways to connect to customers. 

But not just any social media platform will do—you need spaces that are professional, operational, and simple to use. We would bet our last penny that some of your best memories are from things that you watched rather than things you read. Never underestimate the power of video. This, in part, is why YouTube is important as an advertising tool? 

Business goes where business is invited, and YouTube offers a world of opportunities for every type of business, even on a shoestring budget. Video content is easier to consume than any other format. 

With the way life has gotten so busy, audiences have moved away from reading product descriptions. The modern consumer wants to see the brand in action, making video preference a driving force in advertising. 

Video Advertising Has Higher Engagement

Raise your hand if you still remember the TV commercials you used to see growing up better than advertisements in magazines and newspapers? We can’t deny that videos are more captivating than reading because visuals always leave a longer lasting memory. 

Video advertising delivers your narrative to your customers with a tailored message that is easy for them to take in. Consumers will buy from brands they trust and can relate to on an emotional level; videos with a personal touch will help you gain traction. 

Because it incorporates a combination of sight and sound, YouTube advertising connects the viewer emotionally to your product or service resulting in a more solid relationship. 

A Wider Net Is Cast

We all agree that YouTube has a bigger audience than tucking flyers under windshield wipers in a parking lot. With an audience of more than 2 billion subscribers spread around the world, your business will have the capacity to reach more interested users that have the potential to become prospective customers. 

By creating your own videos and advertising on other people’s videos, you are guaranteed to find your own niche market to grow your business. With YouTube Ads, you can target videos by keyword, topic, demographics, or interests and choose where you want to have your ads seen.  

Additionally, you can identify specific YouTube pages that you want your ads to appear on by using placement targeting. With YouTube Advertising, you can expand your digital reach and find customers. The beauty of YouTube is that the platform can be accessed in different languages in varying markets.

Advanced Targeting

For so long, companies would shower funds on fliers, billboards, direct mail to an untargeted market hoping that a few will see their ads and respond. By using YouTube for your business, however, you can match your ads with the right potential consumer. 

Back in the day, businesses would go out blindly with advertisements they never got feedback on. Moving with the times, consumers are always online sharing their experiences concerning your business. 

That way, you get to understand your consumers’ wants, needs, suggested alterations, and complaints. Hopefully, you also receive kudos for excellence where it’s due. 

YouTube ads also enable you to get real-time insights into how the audience is responding to your video ads, so you know where to adjust. Have you also noticed that it’s easier to share videos than an article or some other written text? YouTube advertising creates a viral marketing platform for you through video sharing.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, YouTube advertising has become a popular content form globally. The truth is that it’s highly unlikely to be going anywhere. 

Is it worth investing your time and resources in YouTube advertising? We certainly think so. Video content is one of the most versatile and profitable marketing tools you can ever invest in. 

It’s not only entertaining but it gives a glimpse of what your business is all about. The key here is to show consumers content that is captivating, valuable, educational, and informative. They’ll be much more likely to stick around. The bonus is that you get to demonstrate how to use products or services in a way that’s more easily understood than if you described the same information in writing.  Learn more about where to hire a YouTube consultant

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