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Wikipedia Page Creation Cost

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Wikipedia for business marketing is a strategy that more businesses should use to drive brand awareness. A Wikipedia page for your company builds credibility, boosts visibility, and increases sales. Plus, creating one is free, so there’s no reason not to!

You don’t have to pay anything to join the Wikipedia platform or maintain an account. Making a Wikipedia page yourself takes a lot of work, so it’s best to have it created by Wikipedia writers for hire. It’ll cost anywhere between $150 to $3,000, but it’s worth it to give your company the push it needs online.

Why Should I Make a Wikipedia Page for My Company?

Making a Wikipedia page for your company can boost your existing marketing strategy, helping to increase profits. Here are some reasons to move forward with a Wikipedia page:

Provides Info About Your Company

Creating your company’s Wikipedia page lets you add and control the publicly available information about you. Although Wikipedia strictly enforces guidelines that prohibit marketing and promotion, you can still include value-adding information, as long as it’s written neutrally, that can help potential leads know more about your company, so that they can make better purchasing decisions.

Builds Credibility

Because Wikipedia polices the information on its site, it’s considered a trusted and credible source. It always organically comes up with almost every Google search, proving its value. Having a Wikipedia page for your company helps carry that trust over to your brand, building confidence among potential and existing customers.

Boosts SEO

Simply having a Wikipedia page for your company already helps boost your SEO because it can show up when people are searching for topics relevant to your business. On top of that, linking your pages to Wikipedia is a great way to build off-page SEO.

Increases Visibility

You often see Wikipedia pages on the first page of search results, which can significantly increase your visibility, potentially re-directing traffic to your website or social media accounts. If your page shows up in a relevant keyword search, it helps you become a top-of-mind brand.

Improves Sales

All the benefits of creating a Wikipedia page for your company ultimately fulfill one goal: increasing sales. When customers know and trust you, they are more likely to search out your brand and use, buy, or promote your products, boosting your profits and expanding your reach.

Is It Free to Create a Wikipedia Page?

Creating a Wikipedia page is free. You don’t need to pay anything to sign up, write an article, or maintain an account. Yet, you might want to hire a Wikipedia writer to help you. These professionals can better build your page following the site’s policies and guidelines with better luck having it approved and published.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Wikipedia Writer?

It’ll cost anywhere from $150 to $3,000 to hire a Wikipedia writer. The price depends on the writer’s skills and experience and the specifics of the page—the length, the content, the research required, et cetera. Some writers charge by the hour, while others charge per page.

Why Should I Hire a Wikipedia Writer?

Creating a Wikipedia page is straightforward, and it doesn’t seem intensive at first glance. However, with Wikipedia’s strict policies and guidelines, the task can be daunting. You have to build trust within the platform, do heavy research, and possibly revise a page several times before finally getting approved.

You can skip over these bumps by hiring a freelance Wikipedia writer here on Guru. They already have experience on the platform, giving them an edge. They’re credible on the site and know how to work around Wikipedia’s rules. This expertise makes it easier for their content to be published—all with your company’s marketing motivations in mind.

What to Look For in a Wikipedia Writer

You can find hundreds of freelance Wikipedia writers on Guru, but how do you choose which one’s right for you? Here are some characteristics to consider:

Great Writing Skills

A great Wikipedia writer should have advanced writing skills. They should convey messages clearly and completely while engaging audiences with their writing. Wikipedia writers must also know how to communicate ideas in a neutral, unbiased tone.

An Understanding of Wikipedia’s Rules

Failing to follow Wikipedia’s rules for page creation can stop your page from being published. So your Wikipedia writer must know the ins, outs, and workarounds of this. They should write the page in a way that abides by all the guidelines.

Ability to Do Heavy Research

Wikipedia requires that pages are well-researched, with citations included after every page. Your Wikipedia writer should have the ability to do intense research—getting to the bottom of things and gathering data from suitable sources.

Final Thoughts

Wikipedia is a great tool to boost a company’s marketing efforts. It builds trust, improves visibility, and increases sales. But the effectiveness of a Wikipedia page lies in how well it’s researched and written, and the best way to ensure that is to hire a qualified Wikipedia writer from Guru. From Wikipedia writers to MetaTrader programmers, you can find the expert you need on Guru.

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