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Using Wikipedia for Business Marketing

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Wikipedia is powerful. It shows up in the top results of search engines organically for over fifty percent of search terms. Platforms like Google trust it for its credibility, which is why it’s valuable for your business to be on Wikipedia. A Wikipedia page can help boost your company’s online presence and increase your organization’s visibility, traffic, and credibility.

Can I Make a Wikipedia Page for My Business?

Anyone can make a Wikipedia page, so there’s nothing stopping businesses from doing it too. But doing so starts with learning how to create a Wikipedia page for your company, which isn’t as simple as it sounds. The site enforces strict policies that you must follow for page approval. A great way to work around this is to hire the best Wikipedia writers to do the job.

How Much Does a Wikipedia Page Cost?

It’s free to create a Wikipedia page. But Wikipedia page creation costs can vary if you decide to outsource the task to someone else. It’ll range anywhere from $150 to $3,000, but the extra expense is worth having a properly researched, outlined, and well-written piece on the site.

Benefits of Using Wikipedia for Business Marketing

Using Wikipedia for business marketing delivers several benefits that could increase your traffic, sales, and profits. Consider the following:

Provides Info About Your Company

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, so all pages, including your company’s, will be filled with information. Since you’ll be writing it, you can decide what’s said, albeit it’ll still need to be done in a neutral and unbiased manner. You can include valuable information to help drive trust and traffic, allowing potential customers to make better purchasing decisions.

Boosts SEO

Search engines love pulling information off of Wikipedia because of its pool of credible data. Having a Wikipedia page can help boost your SEO as more people will likely see it before anything else, perhaps apart from your primary pages, when searching for related topics. Links related to your Wikipedia page can also help in building off-page SEO.

Builds Credibility

Wikipedia has strict policies and guidelines that help police and maintain the site’s credibility, even when the data is conferred to their community of users. Being on the site gives your company some credibility, boosting brand confidence and helping customers trust you even more.

Increases Visibility

As Wikipedia pages are often among the top search results, having one for your company increases your visibility, potentially driving traffic back to your main website or social media accounts.

Improves Sales

When your name and credibility are more trustworthy (thanks to a company Wikipedia page), you may see an improvement in lead generation, an expansion in your market reach, and an increase in your sales.

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Business

Creating a Wikipedia page is pretty straightforward. You simply create a trusted user account, draft your page, then submit it for approval. However, getting from start to finish without issue can be complicated due to the site’s rules.

Become an Autoconfirmed User

You have to have a bit of patience before creating a Wikipedia page for your business. Setting up an account is easy, but that doesn’t mean you can automatically write a page right off the bat. 

You must build credibility as a user yourself, which you do by editing or updating existing Wikipedia pages. This process may take at least ten edits, likely spanning a couple of days, but it will turn you into an autoconfirmed user, which is crucial if you want your page approved later.

Draft Your Page

The next step will make up the bulk of the work—drafting your page. Start by doing deep research about your company: its history, vision, mission, projects, products, etc. Outline these ideas to be indexed in a Table of Contents. Then, write everything down in a neutral, informative, and unbiased tone.

Remember to pull information from credible sources, citing each one. Appropriate sourcing is the backbone of a Wikipedia page.

Submit Your Page for Approval

Once everything’s read and proofed, submit your page for approval. It can take a couple of days to a few weeks to get it up and running, and you may have to go through a few revisions along the way.

Creating a Wikipedia Page Isn’t Easy

An easier, safer way to get started with using Wikipedia for Business Marketing is to hire a freelance Wikipedia writer on Guru. These freelancers have already built trust with the site, making it more likely for their pages to be approved. Plus, their experience in writing for Wikipedia gives them valuable insight into what should (and shouldn’t be) included to market your brand effectively. 

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