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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company

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Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world, raking in billions of views per month. It’s the world’s foremost digital encyclopedia; as people use it everyday to learn about different topics and refer to it as a credible source of information. 

That’s why you should consider using Wikipedia for business marketing. Adding your business information to the platform can help beef up your online presence, build your credibility, attract potential customers, and increase your sales. 

Creating a Wikipedia page is pretty straightforward: you create an account, become an auto confirmed user, draft the page, then submit it for review. However, with the site’s criteria and guidelines, the task can be complicated. This is where Wikipedia writers come in handy, as they are professionals who can help you write credible pages that aren’t just informative but optimized to generate clicks.

Can I Make a Wikipedia Page for My Company?

Wikipedia consistently shows up at the top of search results because it’s built on neutrality, accuracy, and credibility—traits that search engines reward. It flags and takes down promotional content, making brands hesitate from using it for marketing. However, nothing is stopping you from creating a Wikipedia page for your company, as long as it follows the site’s rules and guidelines.

Is Creating a Wikipedia Page Free?

You don’t have to spend anything to create a Wikipedia page. But if your company can afford to, it’s best to hire a Wikipedia writer to ensure that the page is of top quality and stays on the platform. That’ll cost you anywhere from $150 to $3,000.

Is It Hard to Create a Wikipedia Page?

The steps to making a Wikipedia page are simple. However, the site has strict policies and guidelines that you must follow for your page to be approved. After making it, you also have the responsibility of keeping it updated to ensure that the information stays accurate and relevant. 

Creating a Wikipedia Page for Your Company

If you want to boost your company’s online presence through Wikipedia, here’s a quick guide on how to create a page:

Create an Account

To get started, create a Wikipedia account by clicking ‘Create an Account’ at the top right corner of the site’s main page. Add the necessary details, including your username and password.

Become an Autoconfirmed User

Before you can create your page, you have to build credibility as a user yourself. You can do this by making a user page for yourself and then editing existing pages for clarity, factuality, and reliability. This takes a bit of patience. You’ll have to do it for a couple of days and likely need to make edits to at least ten pages, though the actual requirement varies. By building credibility for yourself as a user, you’ll make it more likely that, when the time comes to create your company’s page, it’ll be approved by the site.

Check the Rules

Wikipedia enforces a set of policies and guidelines to maintain their site’s overall quality, and you must be familiar with these so that your page can be approved.

Unique to Wikipedia, you also have to check the notability of your company. This tests whether or not your article warrants its own page. If your company exists somewhere on the Internet and has a certain level of visibility online (along with references in journals, books, newspapers, magazines, or fact-checking websites), then you’re likely to pass. Otherwise, Wikipedia will reject the entry. 

Do Your Research

Before you start building your Wikipedia page, do your research. You have to point to credible and reliable sources for all information, and everything should be factual and accurate. Don’t even think of adding false data to make your company look good, as that could get your page taken down!

Craft Your Page

After you’ve gathered all your information and sources, draft your page. It helps to start with an outline, similar to the Table of Contents that you see at the start of every Wikipedia entry.

Take your time writing and remember: although you may be creating the page for marketing purposes, at its core, Wikipedia is meant to be encyclopedic and impartial, so you must write from a neutral point of view.

Add Citations

Adding your citations is vital to your page’s credibility. When people see that you’ve taken information from reliable sources, they’re more likely to trust your page, share the info, and potentially be directed to your company’s other online sites.

Submit Your Page for Review

After you’ve written and reviewed your page, submit it to Wikipedia for review. Getting approved by the site can be difficult, and you might find your page being rejected a few times before getting it up.

The approval process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Keep Updating

The work doesn’t stop when your Wikipedia page is approved! You have a responsibility to keep it updated regularly to ensure that all information remains accurate and that it reflects your company’s current offerings.

Should My Company Have a Wikipedia Page?

Creating a Wikipedia page for your company is a great way to improve your online presence. It boosts your organic search results, increases your traffic and potentially helps you generate more leads and sales. Being on Wikipedia also builds trust and credibility between you and your target market, which may be just the push they need to become loyal customers.

You can make your company’s Wikipedia page yourself. But for better results, hiring a freelance Wikipedia writer from Guru will help you create a perfectly optimized page.

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