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Written Translation Spanish to English Cost

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Businesses and private clients often hire freelance Spanish to English translators to help with precise, professional, and accurate translations. Translators sometimes offer specific translation services, whereas others provide Spanish to English transcription for any purposes, such as translation for business documents, visa and ID paperwork, commercial websites, and insurance forms.

Costs vary depending on the nature of the translation work, the complexity, and the time a translator will require. As an idea, the average price per word ranges from $0.10 to $0.30, with freelancers charging hourly rates of $25 on average.

Guru provides access to a large network of skilled Spanish translators, many offering highly competitive rates, ensuring you can find the right quality translation to transfer your content into English, whatever your budget may be.

Why Hire a Freelancer to Translate Content from Spanish to English?

Spanish to English translators are often first-language speakers. They can translate even the most technical content into perfect, understandable English, with the assurance that your translation work will be error-free.

Translation isn’t simply about switching each Spanish word for the appropriate English alternative–it’s about preserving the tone, style, messaging, and meaning of the original Spanish, which is something that is impossible to achieve without the help of a skilled translator! 

Is Google Translate for Spanish to English accurate? Google Translate is one of several automated translation tools, and it’s a great way to quickly translate a sentence or phrase into English. However, it is not considered precise enough for professional translations, nor is it an accepted translation method for formal documentation.

For example, visa documents and proof of ID translations must be completed by a qualified translator who can certify the accuracy of the finished translation; an automated translation without this verification will always be rejected. If your translation is urgent, you can specify this in your job post and select a Spanish to English translator with the capacity to offer a quick turnaround time–many can complete short translations in as little as twenty-four hours.

How Do I Hire a Spanish to English Translation Expert Through Guru?

Hiring a freelance translator is straightforward, with our quick skills search database and freelance categories allowing you to browse the profiles within our network or post a job to invite translators to reply to you with a proposal. The first step is to write your job post, explaining what you need, any deadlines or pricing considerations, and giving some background about the content you wish to have translated.

Job posts should state any requirements, such as experience working in technical, legal, or financial translations. Sharing your budget can be useful, particularly if you would prefer to receive quotes from junior translators offering affordable hourly rates.

Another solution is to search for Spanish to English translators and hand-select the freelancers you feel are most suitable. Profiles display rates per hour or word, minimum project rates, and the experience of the translator to help you make an informed decision.

Do Spanish to English Translators Also Provide Interpreting Services?

Translators offer a wide range of skills and capabilities, and if you have a broader-scope project, you might prefer to hire one freelancer to manage all the aspects of your job. Some of the supplementary services available include:

  • Interpretation: Translating spoken or recorded Spanish into English either in person during meetings and phone calls or through virtual conferencing software
  • Transcription: Converting video and audio files from Spanish into written English (most transcription services can be offered remotely, working with your source files and returning the completed translation in your chosen format)
  • Localization services: Reviewing business websites and marketing materials to ensure they are translated correctly and adapted to the English-speaking customer market
  • Proofreading: Verifying that any previous Spanish to English translations are accurate, and correcting mistakes
  • Copywriting services: Working with original content in Spanish and creating new content in English with the same brand tone of voice or style

Spanish to English translators may also provide specialist translation for different applications, including academic translation, translation of medical documents, or translation services for businesses in specific sectors.

To find your ideal Spanish to English translator, simply include all of the relevant information in your job post, covering any experience or professional knowledge your selected translator needs to have. Experienced translators commonly hold a professional qualification, although a Spanish-speaking translator with fluency in both languages may be more than sufficient for your translation requirements.

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