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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India

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Ankita Thakur 1

To provide the best and fast service and build long term relations with clients to work and rise together..

Professional IoT Developer & Research Engineer
I have 5 years experience in creating embedded and IoT projects.

1. Development Boards - Arduino, NodeMCU, Particle Photon, BBC microbit, MSP430 launchpad

2. Microcontrollers - 8051, PIC, AVR & MSP430

3. Communication - UART, SPI, 2 wire I2C & 1 wire

4. Hardware - Circuit design, power electronics

4. Wireless - GSM SIM800, GPS NMEA, RFid, NRF24l01, Bluetooth & RF434mhz, BLE, beacons.

5. Sensors - DHT11/22, DHT18B20, Accelerometer ADXL335, Distance Ultrasonic HCSR04, PIR motion sensor, Hear rate Pulse sensor, MAX30102 pulse oximeter sensor, Soil moisture, Anemometer.

6. Internet of Things - ESP8266 WiFi, LAN, GPRS, MQTT, HTTP & NodeRed, RestFul API's, ESP32

7. API'S USED: Adafruit, Blynk, CloudMQTT, Azure, ubidots

8. Display: Neopixels ws2812, oled, nextion hmi

9. Mobile Application platform: Blynk

10. Single board linux platforms: Raspberry Pi 3.

11. Languages: embedded c,c++, Python.