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  • Adobe
  • Artist
  • Cinematography
  • Cultural Education
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Design
  • Dutch Translation
  • Dutch Writing
  • Editing
  • English Language
  • English Translation
  • English Writing
  • Fine Art
  • German Translation
  • German Writing

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  • Proofreader, Editor, Language Tutor

    $10/hr Starting at $25

    I am a professional academic language tutor, proofreader and editor in English, Spanish, German and Dutch with native level proficiency in all four languages. I have an academic background in fine arts,...

    AdobeArtistCinematographyCultural EducationCultural Intelligence


I will help you clarify, contextualise and correct your writing to reach a clear and rousing text.

Growing up in many different countries I have a great love for languages and cultures. After attending art school however, I came much closer writing as a means of expression that can be as multi-dimensional and as intrinsic as fine art. I have spent my whole life translating and teaching language classes and proofreading articles, theses and poetry and absolutely enjoy being able to aid others in learning and developing their language skills.

Work Terms

My hourly rate is very flexible and I enjoy working during variable times. My preferred communication medium is by email.