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How Do I Get Design Help on Pitch Deck?

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Pitch deck design services are invaluable for businesses creating a presentation that communicates core information about the company’s value–from investment presentations to sales pitches and keynote speeches.

Hiring an accomplished freelancer through Guru provides assurance of a competitive pitch deck design cost, tailored support, and a quality pitch deck design that will meet all your objectives. You can dictate your budget, deadlines, core content, deliverables, and the design aesthetic required and leave the rest to a skilled professional to prepare your slides to your specification.

What to Look for in a Professional Pitch Deck Designer

The cost of designing a powerful pitch deck can be a challenge for startups and early-stage businesses that need a convincing presentation but cannot necessarily spend thousands of dollars.

Freelance pitch deck designers offer a fantastic opportunity to combine cost efficiency with an expedited, personal service at a fraction of the expense of hiring a design agency. Key criteria to consider when choosing the right freelancer include the following:

  • Design experience: The ideal designer will understand your goals and be able to prepare the presentation you expect to meet your requirements within your time scale.
  • Flexibility: You may need to tweak your pitch deck for different audiences or make adjustments as you go, drawing on inspiration from other projects your designer suggests to help with ideas.
  • Customization: Pitch deck templates are usually not an option because your presentation needs to be bespoke to your business. A quality designer will work with you to understand the objective and design a unique set of slides.

Our extensive network of capable pitch deck designers ranges from newer freelancers offering exceptional value for money to highly skilled top-rated designers with large bodies of work within their portfolios. The right option for you will depend on your budget and how quickly you need your project to be finished, but there are hundreds of talented pitch deck designers to choose between.

Why Use a Freelance Pitch Deck Designer?

Pitch decks are complex pieces of work because they combine data, marketing, visual design, research statistics, company mission statements, and market analytics–but they need to collate all of those vital aspects into a concise, immersive form of storytelling.

If you need design help, an experienced freelancer can share ideas, collaborate to come up with the right presentation structure, or test different formats, color palettes, and layouts to help you visualize the options. Hiring a freelancer for your pitch deck design has multiple benefits:

  • Outsourcing the design aspect of a pitch deck project allows you to focus on the underlying business case and financial modeling that are so important to investors.
  • Flexible online freelancers work around your schedule, with the ability to make quick changes or edits on demand to keep pace as the project progresses.
  • Guru provides insight into each shortlisted freelancer, including their hourly rate, average project cost, skills, qualifications, rating, and services offered to help you select the perfect professional.

Freelancers provide excellent quality work, with payment security through the Guru escrow system to ensure you have no financial risks and won’t need to pay for a design project until you are 100% happy with the outcome.

What Does a Pitch Deck Design Service Cost?

We have pitch deck design professionals available to hire at every stage of their careers, whether your priority is value for money, speed, skill, or any other variable. Pitch deck designers charge anywhere from $10 to $200 per hour, but you can review each freelancer’s rate before you make an inquiry – or post a project with your fixed budget to receive direct quotations to compare.

There are numerous options:

  • Hiring a pitch deck designer to finesse a draft pitch deck and improve the visual impact of each slide
  • Working with a pitch deck designer from day one to establish a strategy and map out the finished presentation as you go
  • Using a skilled designer to create all the design graphics, dropping your content and data into each slide
  • Seeking advice and recommendations about how to improve an existing pitch deck to boost the response you receive

Some freelancers can also provide additional services such as market research, financial modeling, and branding for your pitch deck, so there are unlimited possibilities to create a custom pitch deck that transforms the quality of your presentations. 

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