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Pitch Deck Design Costs

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If you’re unsure what to include in a pitch deck or which aspects are crucial to securing financing, business support, or investment, hiring a freelance pitch deck design service is an excellent option.

The cost for a professional pitch deck designer on Guru varies, from around $10 to $200 per hour, depending on your designer’s experience, knowledge, portfolio, and skill level.

Most businesses spend less than $1,000 on their pitch decks, but quality is king, and your presentation could make or break your business, so it’s well worth selecting a top-rated freelancer who can bring your propositions and vision to life.

How to Design a Compelling Pitch Deck

The right approach for your pitch deck will depend on what areas you need help with (e.g., design, graphics, layout, content, data infographics), your budget, and the investors you are presenting to.

How do you get design help on pitch deck projects when you’re unsure where to start? We’d recommend working with an experienced freelancer with plenty of example pitch deck projects in their portfolio–they’ll suggest design options, provide inspiration from previous work and ensure your finished slides are worthy of a second look!

Other options include:

  • Using an online template–note that customization features can be limited, and a cookie-cutter pitch deck isn’t always wise
  • Hiring a specialized pitch deck design agency, with the caveat that you will need a significant budget and potentially a longer lead time

Skilled freelance pitch deck designers provide a great balance between cost efficiency and design expertise, with a tailored approach and hourly or per-project fee structures.

The Importance of a Professional, Immersive Pitch Deck

Pitch decks communicate with prospective stakeholders, investors, or partners and must impress your audience while communicating core value propositions that convince them your business is an excellent opportunity.

Whether you are pitching to a venture capital panel, trying to secure partnership funding, or want to get an angel investor on board, the way you tell your story through each slide determines the response you receive.

Business founders often find pitch deck design a challenge because:

  • Being too close to the business can mean you lose sight of your overriding mission and brand objective, getting stuck in the minor details to the detriment of the design impact.
  • Design skills are a specific niche, and many early-stage companies do not have the time, capacity, or know-how to produce a powerful pitch deck design.
  • Outstanding pitch decks require significant research, data collation, graphic imagery, and market analysis, all of which can make a seemingly simple fifteen-slide presentation a considerable task.

Hiring a professional pitch deck designer allows you to step back from the process and establish exactly what you want to say and the information that will make the biggest impact on your audience. Choosing what to include can be tricky, so evaluating your potential investors, the broader market, trends, and possible risks is essential so your pitch deck covers all the pertinent points and doesn’t leave questions unanswered.

What Do Freelance Pitch Deck Designers Do?

Pitch deck designers offer a range of services, with pricing dependent on your requirements. For example, if you already have the content and research data and need a designer to tweak your slides for a better visual effect, you might pay $20 to $40 per slide.

Some freelancers charge per slide, per day, per hour, or per project, so it is important to clarify the total cost before work begins, especially if you need to ask for additional work or edits. Professional pitch deck designers can also provide an end-to-end service, using the information you provide to design the slides from the ground up, dropping in content as they build each part of the presentation.

Examples of available services through the Guru freelance network include:

  • Financial modeling to support your business case
  • Creating a pitch deck aligned with your marketing strategy
  • Strategic pitch deck design with bespoke branding
  • Video, photography, and infographic creation

If you require a freelancer to carry out research on your behalf, you may find that you need to hire a separate professional to analyze the market and competition. However, some expert pitch deck designers may offer this as an individual service.

The core focus is to choose a freelancer who you can trust to deliver a first-class pitch deck, telling your story through a visual medium that is persuasive, professional, and designed to secure the investment you need. 

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