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How Do You Hire a Translator?

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Are you running a company that spreads its wings to other parts of the world? Do you have projects that require you to communicate with an audience that speaks a different language?

If so, you need to hire a translator to build stronger relationships with foreign audiences. The right translator should fluently speak the languages you need and provide you with the best value for your money. There are factors you need to consider when hiring a translator, including experience and qualifications. This article will discuss tips to help you find the right translator for your business. 

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Five Things to Consider Before Hiring a Translator

1. Reason for Seeking Translation Services

Before hiring, determine why you need this type of service. For example, do you need someone to translate what you are saying for a meeting or presentation, or do you need them to translate your documents? Such documents may include contracts, medical reports, or legal documents. Other instances that can call for translation services include phone conversations with a customer or investor from abroad and the interpretation of content and design of websites.

In this digital age, it is crucial to hire a translator with extensive experience in these areas, so you can effectively communicate with global partners and audiences.

2. Translator Experience

Another factor to consider when hiring a translator is their experience level. For instance, you may want someone with a minimum of five years of experience, and working with a hiring agency or freelancer platform like Guru, rather than an independent translator, is often the best option and will give you the best value for the cost of these translation services. A reputable platform will have a system for governing the quality of work in each of the languages offered, from Spanish to Mandarin. When considering a translator, you should find out if they’re a native speaker or how long they’ve been speaking the language. Although mistakes can happen in translating projects, you do not want any errors with regard to confidential information.

3. Qualifications of the Translator

Ensure their qualifications meet your needs–the more well-versed a translator is in a project you need them for, the better the results. Potential hires must understand and translate the language with ease. If you are looking for a multilingual translator, they should have contextual and cultural knowledge of all languages involved. 

It is also a good idea to check credentials. For example, if you need a translator who is HIPAA compliant, an expert in the legal field, or one accepted by USCIS, look for those aspects during the hiring process. 

4. References

Even though the digital history of prospective translators can convince you of their experience, it is fundamental to get a second opinion of their expertise, so you need references from their previous jobs to better understand how they can help you. Even though translators often have a page on their website dedicated to reviews and testimonials, you should find a way to talk to their previous clients. This will let you know that the translator is honest, and you will find different scenarios where their services could be useful in the future.

5. Privacy Policy

Many professional agencies and hiring platforms have strict privacy policies, while independent translators may not have formal privacy codes. Professional translation agencies know that a violation of privacy policies may result in a lawsuit; independent translators know about potential lawsuits, but they are unlikely to spend money on legal help because they are independent contractors. So, if you choose to work with an independent translator, it is best to know them personally and trust them completely. Otherwise, you are better off working with a professional hiring platform.

Final Thoughts

Errors in translation projects, especially translated medical records and legal documents, are costly and dangerous for business. Because of this, it’s important to choose a translator that is meticulous with reliable testimonials. When hiring a translator, you must vet their qualifications, credentials, and experience thoroughly–luckily, resources like Guru make that process as easy as possible. 

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