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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Spanish Translator?

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A translator is a linguistic specialist who translates text from one language to another. Often, they translate vital documents, such as marketing documents, business contracts, medical records, and legal documents. The cost of hiring a translator varies from less than a cent per word to more costly translators who work in specialized fields. 

This article will discuss the cost of hiring a full-time or freelance Spanish translator and the factors that influence the cost of translation services.

What’s the Average Pay of a Spanish Translator?

As of May 2022, the average salary of a Spanish translator in the U.S. is approximately $37,000 per year. That translates to about $17.90 per hour, which is equivalent to $3,104 per month or $716 per week. 

According to ZipRecretuiters, most Spanish translators make $30,000 to $43,000 a year. However, the average annual pay for Spanish translators varies immensely based on location, skill level, and years of experience.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Hiring a Translator

1. Volume of the Translation Project

The scope of the translation project is one of the primary factors that affect the cost of hiring a Spanish translator. Translation requires time, so if you have a large inventory of product descriptions, a massive website, or thousands of blog posts for content marketing campaigns, be ready to pay more.

If you have large translation projects, it’s vital to have a plan and structure for your translator to organize, label, and submit translated projects. It can be daunting to sort through pages of copy, identify various types of text, and produce mirror-image content. 

2. Target Language

It’s common knowledge that some languages are more widely spoken than others. Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages globally, so there are many Spanish translators available. There’s also more accessibility to accurate machine translation in Spanish, which sometimes prevents the need for a human translator–this results in competitive rates. 

The BunnyStudio reports that in 2019, Spanish translators charged the lowest rates compared to other major languages, with Spanish agencies and translators charging between $0.10 to $0.35 per word.

3. Specialized Expertise or Experience Needed

The experience level and expertise your project requires will significantly influence the cost of hiring a translator. Even for a skilled native Spanish speaker, translating technical tasks can be extra time-consuming because it involves specialized vocabulary. Expect to spend more on translation projects related to manufacturing, software development, legal, healthcare, or financial industries. 

Final Thoughts

Spanish translators charge different rates based on the volume of translation projects, specialized expertise, and experience needed. It’s always best to consider the qualifications and experience of a translator during the hiring process. If your translation project is complicated and full of technical terms and tone considerations, expect to pay more for Spanish translation services.

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