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How Is Twitter Used for Marketing?

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Social media has proven to be a powerful marketing tool that allows businesses to reach out to hundreds of millions of potential customers without spending a dime. One of the most common social media platforms that are used for marketing purposes is Twitter. This platform can help you to achieve your marketing goals quickly and cost-effectively. But how is Twitter used for marketing? This article will show you how you can use Twitter for marketing purposes.

Why Use Twitter for Marketing?

Twitter is a global platform that allows people to share information, socialize, and remain updated on the latest trends for free–which is why the number of people that are actively using Twitter continues to grow every day. Currently, the platform is estimated to have over 290 million active users–users that can become your loyal customers if you know how to market your business on Twitter.

Another reason why you should market your business on Twitter is that you need to make your brand part of the Twitter culture, which includes young people between the ages of 16 and 35 who have a discovery mindset. Maintaining a strong presence on Twitter will help you to make a lasting impression on this group of people. To enjoy these benefits, though, you need to come up with the right Twitter marketing strategy; if you’re unclear on how you can hire a freelance Twitter marketer.

How to Create an Effective Twitter Marketing Strategy

Even if you want to hire Twitter marketers for your marketing strategies, you still need to understand how this type of marketing is done effectively. Here’s a guide to marketing your business on Twitter:

Review Your Account

If you already have a business account on Twitter, you need to assess it to see what might need tweaking and why to understand what improvements should be made. Check the account’s activity, its rate of engagement, the number of followers it has, and use Twitter Analytics or Hootsuite Reports to audit your Twitter account.

You also need to audit your account’s brand compliance to ensure that its handle matches that of your other accounts and that its profile picture and bio are relevant to your brand. Your account’s header image should be updated regularly so that it promotes your current products and services. Once you’ve analyzed everything about your business account, you will have a starting point for your Twitter marketing strategy.

Set Your Marketing Goals

For any kind of marketing to succeed, you must have clear and measurable goals. Without goals, you won’t know the kind of impact your Twitter marketing strategy has on your brand, as marketing goals help you to understand what you want to achieve. Your marketing goals should be Specific, Measurable Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART). 

Therefore, your main goal shouldn’t be to go “viral” on Twitter. It should match your top business purpose, and be subdivided into several quantifiable pointers to success. For instance, your main goal could be to increase traffic to your business website by increasing your regular click-through rate. The standard click-through results you get from your Twitter review should help you to set a SMART goal.

Analyze Competition

One of the main reasons why businesses invest so much in marketing is because they want to outdo their competition. The only way you’ll know if your marketing strategy is better than that of your rivals is to monitor what they are doing, so make sure you consistently review the Twitter accounts of your competitors to get an idea of how you can outdo them.

Assign Responsibilities

Your business account on Twitter should remain active. Therefore, if you don’t have time to update your account regularly, hire a Twitter marketer to monitor your account, create marketing tweets, and reply to comments and direct messages. If your Twitter account is too busy, consider hiring multiple marketers.

Create Guidelines and a Content Calendar

Communication on your Twitter account needs to adopt a specific style that is vibrant and consistent. This will help you to bring new team members on board without communication mishaps. Come up with a simple brand style guide that can be shared amongst all team members.

You also need to plan your content so that you won’t be scrambling at any point, as your account should stay consistently active. Thankfully, Twitter has tools that can help you schedule your tweets so that they can go live at different times during the day and night, and a content calendar will help you to effectively plan out this content in advance.

Measure the Impact

Lastly, you need to measure the impact of your Twitter marketing strategy regularly so that you can identify the areas in which you need improvement. You do this by analyzing the metrics, but you need to decide which metrics are most valuable to your marketing objective.

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