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Is Twitter Good for B2B Marketing?

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As one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today, Twitter has become a reliable marketing tool for both big and small brands. With over 290 million active users across the world, this platform offers you a perfect opportunity to market your products or services to hundreds of millions of potential clients without breaking the bank.

But is Twitter good for B2B marketing? The answer is yes–recent statistics show that at least 82% of businesses are using Twitter accounts for B2B marketing. So, how do you use this social media platform for your B2B marketing? Read on to find out!

What Is B2B Marketing?

B2B stands for business-to-business. Therefore, B2B marketing refers to the type of marketing that involves promoting products and services to other businesses and organizations. B2B marketing is slightly different from business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing because the latter focuses on the consumers, and B2B is more straightforward as its content is more informational–especially because businesses decide to purchase products and services based on the impact on their bottom-line revenue.

When a consumer is deciding on which products and services to buy, they typically don’t consider the return on investment (ROI), especially in terms of the monetary value they’re likely to get–but corporate decision makers’ primary focus is the ROI. Today, most companies rely on special panels with several key stakeholders to decide what to purchase. Therefore, B2B marketers have to face these panels, which makes the B2B marketing landscape more complicated.

With social media platforms like Twitter and other data sources, B2B marketers can easily and accurately map out members of each panel and come up with personalized marketing strategies. With social media, a marketer will know what each member of the panel likes and dislikes so that they can align their marketing messages accordingly. If you are having trouble creating a successful B2B marketing strategy for your Twitter account, you should hire Twitter marketers.

Fortunately, there are so many freelance social media marketers that can help you market your brand on Twitter remotely. But before you hire Twitter marketers for your business, you need to understand how B2B marketing works on Twitter, so that you can hire the right marketers.

How to Use B2B Marketing on Twitter     

First, you will need to create a business account on Twitter–if you are new to this social media platform, you need to learn how to create a business account on Twitter. If creating a business account is a challenge for you, you may want to consider hiring an experienced Twitter marketer to do it for you, as you’ll also need to have a clear B2B marketing objective. Here are some ways to use your Twitter account to improve your B2B marketing:

Generating Leads

First, understand that Twitter isn’t the right place for long posts as it supports brief and interactive tweets that are only up to 280 characters long–these posts are very good at catching the attention of your intended audience. Therefore, you can use short quizzes, polls, assessments, and other engaging tweets as part of your lead generation strategy. When you regularly come up with interactive tweets, you’ll understand your target customers better because they’ll show interest in your posts, thereby nurturing a lasting relationship.

Because Twitter now owns Revue, a newsletter tool meant for curating content, you can use it to monetize your audience. You can also use it to publish your ads by including them in your newsletters.

Raising Brand Awareness

Apart from making sales, B2B marketing is also aimed at creating brand awareness and accumulating a better flow. Twitter will help you to reach out to as many companies as possible and build a rapport with them. You can tag your target companies in your tweets or send them direct messages to inform them about your products or services. Make sure that whatever you post on your Twitter account is relevant and useful to your target businesses.

Building a Community

One of the most effective B2B marketing strategies is building an active community. Thankfully, Twitter now has a feature that allows businesses and individual users to do so; you can use this feature to build a large community of like-minded businesses. Through these communities, you will find businesses that are interested in your products or services.

Lastly, bear in mind that 80% of Twitter users access Twitter through mobile devices. Therefore, it’s important to publish your content in formats that are easy to view on mobile devices and not to lump all your messages into a single tweet. Instead, try to spread them across several tweets and make them as interactive as possible.

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