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How Much Does a Korean Translator Charge Per Hour?

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Having a Korean translator can help your business tap into the booming economy of Korea as well as other areas of the world that speak Korean. Of course, if you opt to hire a Korean translator, you’ll need to know how much is reasonable for them to charge. In this article, we’ll explore exactly those details.

Where Can You Hire a Korean Translator?

Where can you hire a Korean translator? There are many websites where you can hire an experienced freelance Korean translator, such as Guru. Guru has a wide selection of qualified, professional freelance translators to search while also allowing you to post translator jobs for free. With around-the-clock support and an easy-to-use search tool and job posting platform, Guru is one of the best options for hiring freelance translators of any language–including Korean.

What Determines the Pay of a Korean Translator?

A Korean translator’s pay depends on various factors such as text volume, experience, and target language. Usually, the more complex the job, the higher the pay. Here are a few factors that will determine the translator’s pay:

Volume of Text

The biggest factor in determining a translator’s rate is the volume of text they need to translate. Even if it’s a fairly straightforward piece without any technical terms, more words means more time and effort. 

Target Language 

Some languages are more widespread than others, and as a result, there are more translators available for those languages. Languages like Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, and German are pretty common. Because there are a lot of translators who work in these languages, they often get paid less. Translators who work in niche languages like Korean typically get paid more than translators that translate more popular languages.

Experience in a Specific Subject

Another aspect that plays a role in determining the pay of a Korean translator is their knowledge of a specific subject. Some translators not only know the basics of how to translate a document from Korean to English, but they’re also familiar with niche terminology in both languages. Translating highly technical documents can be challenging even for native speakers. Translators specializing in healthcare, law, and finance charge more for their expertise.

How Much Does a Korean Translator Charge Per Hour?

It’s difficult to generalize hourly pay because there are so many factors at play, but many Korean translators charge between $30 to $45 per hour. The highest-paid translators are the ones with the most skill and experience—real-time speech translators or translators working on highly technical documents could charge much more than this.

Qualifications for Korean Translators

Because Korean translators typically work with international clients in a professional setting, they must possess certain qualifications. Here are some requirements of a freelance Korean translator:

  • Language proficiency and fluency in both Korean and English
  • A diverse portfolio of documents translated from Korean to English and vice versa, demonstrating quality, comprehension, and accuracy
  • Knowledge of specific topics as well as commonly used formal and technical jargon

In Conclusion

Most Korean translators will charge between $30 and $45 an hour, with higher rates on projects involving real-time translation or highly technical documents. Of course, you can find the best possible translators to suit your needs and budget on Guru–simply start a search of our numerous freelance translators, or post your own job listing, which includes your budget, to have qualified applicants reach out to you.

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