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How to Translate a Document From Korean to English

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If your company is outside Korea and you want to get a bite of Korea’s massive, business-friendly economy and major business hubs, you’ll need a translator. Having a Korean translator will allow you to communicate with the successful corporations in Korea, Korean-speaking areas within the People’s Republic of China, and other places around the globe. In this post, we’ll explore the best ways to translate a document from Korean to English–including finding the perfect freelance translator on Guru.

How to Translate a Document From Korean to English

There are two primary ways in which you can translate a Korean document into English—you can either use online translating tools or hire freelance Korean translators on reputable freelancer hiring platforms like Guru–both of these options have their benefits, but one is clearly better in many circumstances than the other.

Online Translators

One of the most widely used online translating tools is Google Translate–you can upload entire documents to it and it will translate them within seconds. Select English as the language you want to translate into and Korean as the language you want to translate from, upload your document, and simply click “translate.”

This tool is, of course, easy to use for just about anyone, but it isn’t suited for formal documents as some of the more complex jargon is likely not to be translated correctly. Google Translate lacks an overall understanding of many technical terminologies and has a lower translation accuracy when it comes to more detailed and complicated language.

Hiring Freelance Translators

To hire a freelance translator, you can post a job on an online freelance marketplace–one such reliable platform is Guru. There are numerous reasons why you should consider hiring freelance translators rather than using an online tool–you can search a large database of highly skilled Korean translators by experience, geographical location, and reputation, and you can also hire translators from various time zones to work around the clock.

Many websites have a feature that uses a talent management system to help you find the best translator in general or to hire a translator for specific jobs. Hiring a freelance Korean translator in this manner offers you accuracy and reliability—two important traits when translating a formal document from one language to another. 

Where Should You Hire a Korean Translator?

There are many sites on which you can hire a freelance Korean translator, and the most reliable is Guru. Guru has a wide selection of highly experienced, reputable, and efficient Korean language translators across the globe. Guru also allows you to post an unlimited number of jobs for free so that translators matching your specifications can come to you. Guru’s search tool is also particularly efficient and user-friendly, and the platform offers 24/7 support to both employers and freelancers to make sure everyone is finding the best worker-to-job matches possible.

How to Hire on Guru

  • Go to Guru’s site and click on “Post a Job
  • Fill in all necessary information
  • Create a Guru account to post the job

Once your job is posted, you can sort through the responses and select your ideal Korean translator. On Guru, a WorkRoom is created after a freelancer is hired where you can communicate with your translator and easily keep track of their work. 

Korean Translator Costs

If you’re going to hire a freelance translator, you should have an idea of how much a Korean translator charges per hour. Translation jobs pay depending on how common the languages used are, and Korean is considered a niche language. Because of this, you can expect to pay anything from $30 to $45 per hour, which may be more if the document includes more formal, technical terminology.

In Summary

You can easily translate certain text from Korean to English with online tools such as Google Translate, but for important documents, hiring a qualified and experienced Korean translator on a reputable, reliable freelancer hiring platform like Guru is your best bet.

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