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How to Advertise on Amazon Seller Central

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Amazon Advertising, previously Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), is Amazon’s centralized marketing platform that offers multiple advertising channels for vendors and sellers. Its tools allow accounts to boost their brand and increase their visibility, ultimately leading to higher sales. 

Advertising on Amazon Seller Central is easy; you simply have to create a campaign, define a target, and set your budget, then Amazon will handle processing the ad as instructed. That said, it’s best to have an advertising strategy in place so that you can ensure that your spending is contributing towards your marketing key performance indicators (KPIs). 

A great way to build a strategy and leverage Amazon’s advertising features is to get help from Amazon Seller Central consultants, who you can hire from Guru, a top online freelance marketplace!

Advertising on Amazon

There are millions of products available on Amazon, and even if your items are one-of-a-kind, there will likely be thousands of similar products to compete with. To better stand out and attract your target market, you must learn how to advertise on Amazon Seller Central.

For most sellers, Amazon gives pay-per-click (PPC) advertising options. As its name suggests, this method advertises your product or brand on certain placements, and you’re charged every time a customer clicks the ad, whether or not they end up buying your product. The amount you pay depends on your brand niche, the type of ad campaign, and your targeted keywords.

Types of Advertising on Amazon

Amazon provides three types of PPC methods: sponsored products, sponsored brands, and sponsored displays. Each of them comes with a degree of customizability, which lets you choose your target audience and degree of relevance, whether manually or automatically. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Sponsored Products

Sponsored products are ads that let you promote individual product listings on highly visible placements on the platform, like on product pages or search results. They’re great for building product awareness, and particularly to boost slow-selling items.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored brands focus on your brand overall, allowing you to feature your logo, a custom headline, multiple products, or some creative element (including auto-played videos) on Amazon. They’re ideal for driving traffic towards your brand as a whole, especially if you’re targeting customers who are shopping for similar entities and in relevant product categories.

Sponsored Display

Businesses on Amazon’s Brand Registry are permitted to use sponsored display, a self-service solution that lets you advertise outside of Amazon, but still with the trusted Amazon branding. You can reach your target market more easily by targeting your promos based on views, products, or interests.

How to Advertise on Amazon Seller Central

Here’s a simple three-step guide on how to advertise on Amazon Seller Central:

Step 1: Log in to Seller Central

To get started, log in to your Amazon Seller Central account. If you’re a new seller, make sure to sign up first. Once in the platform, toggle the “Advertising” tab, then follow the prompts.

Step 2: Create Your Ad Campaign

On Amazon Advertising, you can begin to create and define your ad campaign. Choose the type, fill in the necessary details, and your ad is live! For new users, it’s recommended to try a Sponsored Products campaign first. Once you get the hang of it though, or if you believe that the other ad types will be more effective towards your objectives, then explore Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display, too!

Step 3: Measure Your Results

Amazon Advertising gives you the tools you need to track the performance of your ads. You have access to data like impressions, clicks, traffic, advertising spend, etc., so you can optimize your campaigns and make more insight-driven business decisions.

Tips for Advertising on Amazon

To help you maximize your Amazon ads, here are some tips that you can follow:

Optimize Your Listings First

Before setting up an ad campaign, make sure that you know how to upload products on Amazon Seller Central with optimized listings. Advertisements only draw traffic to your product pages, and if customers find them inadequate, then they’ll likely exit.

Monitor Your Campaigns

Ads aren’t something you do and then just leave. The analytics are there for a reason. Be sure to monitor your campaigns and use the data to derive insights to better your business.

Get Help

Navigating Amazon Advertising can be confusing, so it helps to get advice from experts, like Amazon Seller Central consultants, to help you understand the platform and leverage its features for your success.

Get Help From Amazon Seller Central Consultants From Guru

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