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How to Update NinjaTrader

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NinjaTrader is very popular among traders because of the number of unique trading tools it provides. It is a powerful, yet free, derivatives trading platform specializing in futures, Forex and options. The high-performance backtesting engine that allows users to test and verify futures trading strategies using historical data has become one of the most popular features of NinjaTrader. 

The wide range of listed assets, competitive spread, and unique trading tools make NinjaTrader one of the best online brokerage platforms available to both new investors and seasoned traders. First launched in 2003, NinjaTrader programmers evolved the platform into an industry leader with best-in-class technology. In addition, NinjaTrader is regulated in the United States by the National Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

There are different versions of NinjaTrader being used by traders. NinjaTrader 8 is the redesigned version that includes the most advanced trading features and modern design techniques to improve overall performance and flexibility of the platform. Version is the latest release of NinjaTrader 8.

Steps for Updating NinjaTrader

To update NinjaTrader to the latest version, you must first have an account with NinjaTrader. To open an account, visit NinjaTrader.com and click ‘Open Account.’

If you are using an older version of the NinjaTrader software, here is how to update the application:

Step 1: Copy Your License Key

The first step to updating your NinjaTrader to version is to copy your license key. When you register with NinjaTrader, a free license key is automatically sent to the email address you used to sign in. While you get a free license when you open an account, NinjaTrader gives you three license options to choose from to access additional features on the platform. If you upgrade to Lease or Lifetime licenses, the trading fees are lower.

Use your license key to open the NinjaTrader app. In the app, go to the Control Center and click ‘Help.’ In the Help menu, click ‘License Key’ to see the original key. Alternatively, you can retrieve your license key by contacting NinjaTrader.

Step 2: Locate the NinjaTrader Download Page

The direct download page that contains the latest version ( of the NinjaTrader software is found on the NinjaTrader website.

Step 3: Download and Install

On the Download page, enter your license key and click ‘Submit.’ When you enter the correct license key, you are automatically directed to the Download page. After downloading the latest version of the NinjaTrader software, run the installer on your computer and follow the prompts to install the app. 

Before installing the latest version of the NinjaTrader software, make sure the app is closed on your device. Updating to the latest version of NinjaTrader does not affect any existing data, workspaces, settings, or indicators. All of your existing data and workspaces are automatically transferred to the new version you just installed.

The NinjaTrader community also gives new and existing investors the ability to interact with other users through the active user forum. Traders can get free professional training by joining daily webinars, watching new user video guides, and getting access to hundreds of on-demand videos on the NinjaTrader YouTube channel.

Why Should You Update Your NinjaTrader Software?

The latest NinjaTrader version ( fixes existing bugs that impacted drawing and removing objects, trendlines indicator in the NinjaScript, and accidental deleting of Workspaces.xml files, among other issues. The update provides an overall smoother experience in the performance of NinjaTrader 8. 

However, updating from NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8 can prove to be a phantom leap for traders due to all of the new features that were integrated into NinjaTrader 8. On NinjaTrader 8, you can also create custom indicators or build a strategy to suit your trading style. 

Upgrading your license to include Trader+ or Order Flow+ gives you access to premium tools that could be a game changer on your trading journey. For example, NinjaTrader 8 gives users access to an advanced alerting system that sends you a notification any time the market hits your chosen price level, semi-automated order execution, volumetric bars, and other sophisticated charting systems.Looking for assistance in the process of updating NinjaTrader or adding an indicator to NinjaTrader? Freelance software experts on Guru are ready to help!

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