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Key Angular 2 Developer Interview Questions

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So, you want to bring your dream website or application to life. Hiring the right Angular 2 developer is essential in this quest. Sure, you can build your own using online tools and basic coding knowledge. But hiring a professional can guarantee a better user interface and improved performance. And even if you’re ready to hire the best Angular developers out there, the process isn’t always easy. It’s especially tough if you’re still asking yourself, “What does an Angular developer do?”. This guide walks you through some critical questions to ask during an interview, including queries about technical concepts of the Angular framework, experience in software development, and general work ethic. 

Developer Interview Questions About Angular

Here are some questions to test the Angular skills of a potential hire:

What Are the Differences Between AngularJS and Angular 2?

AngularJS addresses mobile development. A good developer can explain that, at its simplest, Angular 2 is a rewrite of AngularJS. However, it’s a good sign if they can delve into other differences such as their architecture, language, structure, and expression syntax.

What Are the Advantages of Angular 2 Over AngularJS?

If you’ve chosen to use Angular 2, you must find a developer familiar with the advantages offered by implementing this framework. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Simpler Dependency Injection
  • Improved speed and performance
  • Modular and cross-platform
  • Flexible routing
  • Lazy loading
  • Benefits of ES6 and Typescript.

What Are Directives?

Directives are one of the essential features of Angular applications. These extended HTML attributes add behavior to existing Document Object Model (DOM) elements, introduce syntax or markup, and come in three types: components, structurals, and attributes.

Every directive behaves on its own. You can import these directives into various components. So, for example, if you need the same functionality in multiple components, you can create one directive and import it to all other components instead of adding the same functionality to each one. 

What Are Components, Modules, and Services in Angular?

Components, modules, and services are the primary features of Angular 2, and a good developer needs to differentiate between them.

Components are the building blocks that control a part of the user interface. Meanwhile, modules consist of components, directives, services, and pipe; they are also set to decide whether other modules can use these aspects by exporting or hiding them. Services, whose primary purpose is to share data, are instantiated once during an application’s lifetime.

What Is Lazy Loading?

Lazy loading is one of the many advantages of Angular 2. It allows developers to load different pieces of code on demand. Instead of loading an entire page in one go, lazy loading makes it possible only to load one section. Delaying the rest of the page load until needed makes pages load faster.

How Do You Handle Angular 2 Application Errors?

Angular 2 applications come with an error handling option, including the react JS library to use the catch function. An included link sends details about the error handler function, which allows the developer to send the error while ensuring the main program continues. This process is essential in case your application gets buggy.

Developer Interview Questions About Experience

Apart from skills, you need to find an Angular 2 developer with enough experience to handle your scope of work. Here are some questions you can ask to check that.

How Did You Learn Angular?

A person’s learning method can give you an idea of the breadth of their knowledge. Did they learn from school or a mentor? Were they self-taught? You might find that you’d instead hire a more traditionally educated person for extra insurance, but that doesn’t always guarantee better results.

How Long Have You Worked with the Angular Framework?

Angular is pretty new, but it has seen a lot of improvements since its infancy. Anybody who’s worked long enough with the framework recognizes these changes and can use them to their advantage in creating better applications.

How Much Experience Do You Have In Developing Websites and Apps?

A person might be an expert with Angular on a textbook level. But without prior experience, they still have a lot to learn. Though you might find a diamond in the rough, you may be safer with a more experienced developer.

Developer Interview Questions About Work Ethic

It’s also essential to ask common job interview questions that pertain to a potential hire’s work ethic. These depend on the setup of your company, the scope of work, and your expectations as an employer. Be sure to ask about their attitude towards deadlines, working on multiple projects, and collaborating with teams, as these are critical parts of the job.

How to Find Angular 2 Developers

You can hire Angular 2 developers through job posts or development companies. But a better option may be seeking them out on freelance platforms. Here, you’ll often find the best talent regardless of location limitations, ensuring that you hire the right person based on their skills, expertise, and work ethic (instead of their proximity to your office) and get the best website or application from the process!

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