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What Does an Angular Developer Do?

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You’ve got a perfect website or application in mind. It’s dynamic, intuitive, and has all the features designed to make the user experience as seamless as possible. But it’s not something that you can get with a simple drag-and-drop builder. So what do you do? 

The solution is to hire a developer. For the type of interface you have in mind, you need the best freelance AngularJS developers for hire. These programming professionals can build high-performance and interactive front-end interfaces. These interfaces will work with the functionalities you need to deliver optimized performance. There is no need to understand complicated IT languages, like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They’ve got you covered. Angular developers are also responsible for ensuring everything works, including tracking any bugs. This way, you don’t have to worry about your website crashing.

What Is Angular?

Before you even start writing down your Angular developer interview questions, you must have at least a basic grasp of what Angular is.

Angular is a client-side front-end development platform by Google. It’s been around for several years, but updates have occurred over time. It builds Single Page Applications (SPAs) using HTML and TypeScript. It’s a tool to create dynamic and more responsive web, mobile, and desktop applications.

The goal of Angular is to simplify the JavaScript language through data binding and dependency injection. These methods limit the amount of code that a developer has to write.

AngularJS vs. Angular 2

AngularJS was the first iteration of Angular released in 2009. Angular 2 is a rewrite of it. It took the advantages and disadvantages of AngularJS into account and made an improved framework. One of the key differences between the two is the shift from MVC architecture to a component-based style. This change allows for faster development.

What Is an Angular Developer?

An Angular developer is a JavaScript developer who specializes in the Angular framework. That means that they work as a software engineer and can also build user interfaces from the ground up. Their scope of work includes designing UX architecture, writing code, unit testing, and coordinating with back-end developers to ensure functionality.

Responsibilities of an Angular Developer

Some key responsibilities of an Angular developer include:

  • Front-end building (i.e., creating complete, high-quality user interfaces in the form of mobile, web, or desktop applications)
  • Working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript languages
  • Bug fixing
  • Unit testing
  • Working with external API & data sources
  • RESTful API building
  • Creating high-end software
  • Working with back-end developers for functionality
  • Keeping up-to-date with new technologies
  • Improving website or app performance regularly

What to Look For in an Angular Developer

The work of an Angular developer is complicated. It already involves coding in the JavaScript language, but it also requires knowledge of the Angular framework specifically. So you must hire an Angular developer who’s proficient in both and has the experience in building the kind of interface you want.

Here are some technical skills to look for in an Angular Developer:

  • Mastery of JavaScript
  • Knowledge of UX concepts
  • Proficiency of and experience in the use of the Angular framework
  • Ability to work with HTML and CSS
  • Good command of TypeScript
  • Experience in building SPAs and RESTful APIs
  • Competence in using JavaScript building tools
  • Understanding of development life cycle, code management, and release management

Of course, you should also look for an Angular developer that is fit for your team and possesses the correct values to get their job done efficiently and excellently. You should also make sure that they:

  • Can work in complex environments with multiple projects and assignments
  • Have excellent analytical and project management skills
  • Have the ability to translate requests into results
  • Can understand both aesthetic and functional components of app building
  • Are a team player
  • Are aware of business goals and can meet project deadlines

How to Find an Angular Developer

You can find basic, mid-range, and advanced Angular developers for hire, but you don’t always need to get the top-tier professionals, especially for more straightforward functionalities. Find an Angular developer that fits both your budget and your requirements, and they should be able to deliver the job.

Some people opt to hire in-house Angular developers to work full-time on the website or app, which can be advantageous for businesses just starting to build their products. You can also hire development companies to assign developers to you; this removes a lot of the work needed to find one yourself. 

Another great option is to hire a freelance Angular developer. From Angular to MetaTrader developers, freelance developers are available on Guru. You can find great freelancers with enough expertise and experience to deliver high-quality outputs without costing you an arm and a leg. And depending on how often you need them, you can even find some willing to work on-call or on a more flexible timeline. From Angular developers to Discord Bot developers, you can find the expert you need on Guru.

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