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  • Experienced translator Russian-English

    $9/hr Starting at $35 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am a well experienced translator (Russian to English, English to Russian). I've been working on translations for over 15 years, mostly as a freelancer, as well as an office-based translator. I have...

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I am passionately in love with foreign languages. Since I was a kid, I used to sit for hours reading books, studying foreign languages and exploring different cultures. Books are my true love, so I was inexplicably happy when I got the opportunity (many years ago) to translate a book from English (later two others from Russian) to my mother language - Croatian. I still feel huge joy whenever I start translating a new text or a book, it is truly my passion.
In the addition to the above mentioned, I am a cat lover (some might call me 'crazy cat lady'), a proud owner of 8 cats and counting..
In my spare time I like long walks, hiking, riding bike, crocheting, spending time in nature and read about all the beautiful things that surround me.

Work Terms

Based on my previous experience, I can say that, after years and years of continuous work in the field of translations, I translate rather quickly (I never missed a deadline) and efficient (my clients have been always very satisfied). I am well organized, I take business seriously. Regarding the ways of communication, I prefer doing it via e-mail: it is simple, fast and rather practical way of communication.