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How Many Small Businesses Use HubSpot?

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For small businesses that are growing and looking for ways to organize themselves, HubSpot offers a fantastic suite of CRM and sales software, as well as web hosting services. For those unaware, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is the software used by corporations—both large and small—to keep track of customer information.

Each time you call a corporation’s customer service line, the representative you’re speaking to is most likely documenting the call in the company’s CRM system. This way, if you call back and a different person answers, the new representative will have access to what occurred during the previous call. 

While HubSpot is user-friendly and fairly approachable for many small businesses, to make the most of your experience, it can help to hire a freelance HubSpot developer who can fully customize the software to meet your business’s specific needs. 

Is HubSpot Popular?

According to HubSpot’s estimates, more than 165,000 businesses in more than 120 countries are currently using HubSpot to improve their operations, but HubSpot certainly didn’t achieve this overnight. 

HubSpot started in 2006 as a company focused on simple CRM and sales software. Over time, the company has grown to be indispensable to its clients. Not only does its software track customer information, but it also contains a suite of accessories to help sales and marketing teams stay organized and meet their goals. It does this by extracting data from previous customer interactions, making it possible to identify trends and opportunities that can lead to increased sales and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

After a while, HubSpot was doing well, but they realized they were missing some opportunities in the market. This is because a lot of data that was being put into the HubSpot system for examination was coming from their client’s own websites. However, the client’s websites were hosted with a different company, such as WIX or Shopify; that all changed in 2020. 

Based on what other companies, such as Squarespace and other easy-to-setup custom website building and hosting websites were doing, HubSpot created their own website building and hosting service to interface with their software. 

Cut Out the Middleman and Productivity Skyrockets

By removing the outside web hosting sites from the process and moving all of the data in-house, HubSpot built a fully integrated ecosystem. This allows customers to seamlessly pull data from their websites directly into the CRM and sales software. 

Previously, this would have required downloading separate files of information and then either manually inputting them into the HubSpot system or uploading the files to HubSpot and hoping that the data populated properly into HubSpot’s system. 

With the two sides of the equation fully integrated, the process became far easier, not only for HubSpot but for their clients as well. Suddenly, what was previously days of downloading and migrating files became one-click access to thousands of data sets. This supercharged productivity for HubSpot’s clients. 

Most people who use HubSpot will tell you that Hubspot’s 2020 change to their web hosting completely shifted the paradigm of what a small business could do with all of the information gleaned from their websites. 

As you can see, the benefits of HubSpot CRM for small businesses are many, and thousands of businesses around the world are already taking advantage of these assets.

Set Up HubSpot by Hiring a HubSpot Developer

At Guru, we understand that very few people are technological experts. We also know that setting up and organizing a website and a full CRM software suite is heavy lifting that most small business owners simply don’t have time for. 

That’s why we have a catalog of hundreds of HubSpot developers to choose from. You can browse developers and examine their portfolios of work or read reviews and testimonials from their previous clients. It’s easy to compare pricing and find the HubSpot developer that fits your business and its needs–thousands of freelance professionals are standing by, ready to take your business to the next level.

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