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The Benefits of HubSpot CRM for Small Businesses

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Regardless of how small your employee team is, you may have hundreds or thousands of customers to track. In the beginning, keeping track of these customers probably wasn’t too difficult. As your business has grown, however, tracking these customers may require more than a simple spreadsheet and a few notes. 

It might be time to organize your customer information so it can be easily tracked throughout your workflow. Having accurate notes on customer accounts is critical to running and scaling up a successful small business. 

One way to do this is to invest in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. If you’ve ever made a phone call to a major company’s customer service hotline, the representative you spoke with almost certainly documented your call in a CRM system. This practice allows future employees who looked at your customer profile to have a history of your interactions with the company. 

One of the most popular CRM systems for businesses is HubSpot. While you can set up a HubSpot system on your own, it’s best to hire a HubSpot developer for maximum effectiveness.

What Benefits Does HubSpot CRM Offer?

HubSpot CRM service is an absolute necessity for businesses that need to keep track of customer interactions and document potential issues throughout the customer’s interactions with the company. CRM services automatically organize customer data and allow businesses to generate complex reports based on existing customer data captured through purchases and interactions with the customer service team. 

All of this data can then be used to extrapolate performance using a variety of metrics that the business may find useful. Businesses can then use this information to identify gaps and formulate new strategies to increase sales, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction. 

For HubSpot, CRM was just the beginning. HubSpot started out in the mid-2000s solely as a CRM software company. Over time, HubSpot has grown to offer not just CRM services, but a vast array of products and services. They presently offer a fantastic marketing platform and sales performance software that allows sales teams to track leads and customer inquiries from start to finish. 

In 2020, HubSpot came to the realization that all of this data they were helping their customers track and organize was coming from one single place—the customer’s website. 

To this end, HubSpot understood that the best way to assist their software clients in keeping track of all the information that flowed through the customer’s website was to become their own web hosting platform. Similar to websites such as WIX and Squarespace, HubSpot developed tools to allow customers to create and host their own websites through HubSpot. 

By having the customer website hosted directly through HubSpot, they could take all that real-time information that was previously flowing from other websites and plug it directly into HubSpot’s CRM, sales, and marketing software.

Before this integration, because the customers’ websites were hosted on other platforms, any information captured had to be exported and then entered into the HubSpot CRM system. Sadly, this exported data wasn’t always compatible and easily uploadable. This caused a headache for many users, as the information was rarely plug-and-play. 

Once all of these features were combined, HubSpot became the one-stop shop for a business’s website hosting, customer management, marketing, and sales platform needs. Time is more valuable to small businesses than maybe anyone, and by integrating the entire system from top to bottom, HubSpot has taken a lot of time-consuming work out of the equation. 

Having a glance around the web, you can see just how many small businesses use HubSpot. Spoiler alert: there are thousands of them. 

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