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How Much Does HubSpot Development Cost?

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HubSpot is a company that started primarily specializing in Customer Relationship Management software. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is industry jargon for the computer program that tracks your customers from a sales, marketing, and customer service point of view. When someone calls a company and speaks to a customer service representative, the call is documented inside the company’s CRM system, so that future customer service reps have a history of previous encounters with that customer. 

Over the years, HubSpot has grown into a company that offers a range of products related to CRM. It has also branched out into website creation and hosting. As HubSpot has grown, so has the need to hire HubSpot developers to set up, modify, and maintain HubSpot websites. HubSpot developers are also important for their work in back-end development, allowing companies to make changes to the information that is captured and retained within the CRM or other HubSpot systems. 

Why Are Developers Expensive?

Regardless of what kind of software the developer needs to be familiar with—be it HubSpot or any other of the thousand types of software and coding languages—developers are expensive because of the deep knowledge and expertise they must have to do their jobs. 

HubSpot offers a vast array of services to fit the needs of various clientele, and many of these products may be standalone products or purchased together as a bundle. A HubSpot developer needs to understand not only each of these individual software solutions but also the back end of how they connect to each other when used simultaneously.

These tedious and time-consuming behind-the-scenes connections make developers invaluable. Just because a developer was able to add custom fields to the CRM side of your business does not mean those custom fields will automatically populate the marketing sales side of the software. A HubSpot developer may need to dive into each aspect of the software to make sure that everything connects exactly how it is supposed to. More importantly, they need to test everything to ensure that it is error-free. 

In certain cases, testing alone may take as long as the development process. As you can see, being a HubSpot developer isn’t an easy task, and that’s why many HubSpot developers ask for a princely sum depending on the task at hand.

How Much Do Developers Cost?

HubSpot developers can charge anywhere from $30 to $150 per hour, depending on the job and their depth of experience. On the $30 end of the spectrum, are junior developers that are responsible for simpler tasks, such as setting up basic websites or CRM systems and making sure customers are fully connected to the HubSpot system. 

In the middle of the price range are developers that not only design HubSpot websites but also help users customize them to their needs. This typically involves custom coding that can go far beyond a junior developer’s knowledge.

On the top end of the spectrum are the most experienced HubSpot developers. At this level, most developers are working for large corporations that have vast and complex systems. These systems not only need to be built but maintained. Part of that maintenance is making sure that the developer is up-to-date with the latest features and tools available. It’s critical that the developer implement new tools into the overall system, which, once again, may require significant amounts of custom coding that base-level HubSpot users are unlikely to need. 

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